MX Player Pro

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You will be redirected to Secure Payment Form on PayPal Global site. It provides many secure payment options, including credit/debit cards and PayPal. Price is USD 5.99

Direct buying is only for the users living in countries where Google Play Store is not available or paid app cannot be purchased. For others, We strongly recommend buying from Google Play Store. Before purchasing, kindly read the Important Notes & FAQs given below.

Account to be licensed:

On successful purchase, a download link will be sent to above email account.

    • Licensed account entered into above box should be registered properly on your device. When using some email clients it may not be displayed properly. Before purchasing, Kindly ensure that your account is displayed properly on your device's account list (Generally it will be in [Settings] -> [Account]).
    • In most of the modern android versions, MX Player may need additional contact permission in order to get the list accounts available on the device.
    • This will not work on the devices with modified Android account management system (Like Amazon devices and BlackBerry devices with stock ROM).
    • This license is incompatible with Google Play. If you buy here, you can't install or upgrade from Google Play.
    • Google Play version of the apps doesn't have licenses validation mechanism for the purchases outside of Google Play. There are chances that APK files from third-party repositories like apkmirror, aptoide, etc., can be a Google Play variant. So, We strongly recommend you to install or upgrade the app only from our website.

    • License - License is per account and can be shared across devices as long as same account is used.
    • Install - You must have 'Unknown sources' checkbox checked in Android [Settings] -> [Apps] to install the package.
    • Upgrade - Although it cannot be upgraded from Google Play, it has self-version checking mechanism. Or you can do it manually using menu item [Help] > [Check for Updates].
    • If you encounter any problem regarding purchase, please contact

Buy from Google Play

The link below opens MX Player Pro page on Google Play.
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