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  • Fixed: Some crashes from the recent versions


  • Improved: Better brightness scaling algorithm to make it smoother on low screen brightness conditions.
  • Fixed: Some crashes from the recent versions


  • Fixed: Brightness can't be reduced up to system lowest brightness. 
  • Fixed: Some x86 specific ANRs
  • Fixed: Some crashes appeared on Google Play Console


  • Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements


  • New: Settings to prefer HDMI pass-through mode over internal decoders
  • Improved: Optional workaround for Opus audio crackings due to poor muxing (Check Menu > Audio > Fix broken Audio)
  • Improved: "Hi10p" Hardware acceleration is now enabled for devices with Rockchip RK3399
  • Fixed: Various crashes reported by users
  • Fixed: Zoom & Pan issues when custom zoom is used previously
  • Fixed: Resumes automatically on some occasions when it's previously paused due to headset disconnection
  • Fixed: Incorrect error messages when playback fails due to network errors or when the stream is unavailable
  • Fixed: Background play pauses on some specific occasions
  • Fixed: Playback of network streams closes automatically when switching to background


  • Fixed: HW+ & SW playback issues with some protocols 
  • Improved: Non-smooth HW+ playback of certain videos on Android 7.x (Non-smoothness of HW Decoder can't be fixed as it's broken in the android itself) 
  • Fixed: Background play always resumes despite of settings 
  • Fixed: AVI files starts at random position 
  • Fixed: Black screen in split screen mode 
  • Fixed: Playback failure of some local m3u playlists 
  • Fixed: Blank space on the top of medialist screen


  • Fixed: Some crashes from 1.9.4 and 1.9.5


  • Improvements on HEVC 12bit playback
  • TV mode option is now hidden on non TV devices with touchscreen to avoid accidental brightness/volume gesture issues
  • Fixed: Storage access is not requested when the file is opened from the external App
  • Fixed: some SSA subtitle rendering issues
  • Fixed: Occasional blank VP9/HEVC video playback issues with HW+
  • Fixed: Playback position resets when Previous/Next is pressed
  • Fixed: Pinch zooming changes the aspect ratio
  • Fixed: Device specific crash when external storage is inserted
  • Fixed: Crashes related to media capability detection
  • Fixed: Opensubtitle language codes for some languages
  • Fixed: Playback is started at wrong position when next button is pressed


  • Fixed: Audio stuttering when switching to background
  • Fixed: HW+ issues with HEVC/VP9 codecs


  • Fixed: Background playback related issues
  • Fixed: Crashes from 1.9.x
  • Fixed: Missing translations for some languages
  • Minor UI optimisations


  • Fixed: Automatic audio track change when switching between apps
  • Fixed: some issues related to font caching process
  • Fixed: Crashing when the video is opened from WhatsApp
  • Fixed: Playback restarts when HW decoder stops due to "unexpected end of stream"
  • Fixed: No audio in background mode when certain audio codecs are used in the video file
  • Fixed: Issues on scanning media files from the external storages
  • Fixed: some HW+ artifacts
  • New keyboard shortcut for adjusting the speed (Ctrl + UP/DOWN)


  • Support for HDMI passthrough of Audio HD codecs
  • Support for external audio track loading
  • FFmpeg library is upgraded to a recent version
  • More precise zoom and stretch
  • Media scanning and listing improvements
  • Support for different android audio output methods (Java AudioTrack, Native AudioTrack, OpenSL)


  • AC-3 support is re-enabled for most of the regions
  • Bug fixes & Performance Improvements


  • Optimisations on the app startup time
  • Fixed: some crashes from previous versions


  • Added AV-sync menu on [Playback screen → Menu → Audio]. This can be used for disabling AV-sync if audio keeps stuttering.


  • Added alternative HW+ decoder for Android 5.0 and above which will be used automatically on Android 7, HTC devices and CyanogenMod. For other devices, it can be activated manually on [Settings → Decoder → Alternative HW+ decoder].
  • Supports Android 7.0 multi-window.
  • Added an option for playing without video display on [Playback screen → Menu → Display → Video].


  • Added swipe/pull down interface for the refreshing media library. (Refresh method can be changed on [Settings → List → Refresh method])
  • Added an option for unattended Android TV on [Settings → Player → Suppress error message].
  • Fixed MX Player Pro not running on Android 7.


  • AV sync improvement including Bluetooth audio output.
  • Improved SSA subtitle rendering.
  • Added audio synchronization menu.
  • Added optional audio delay for Bluetooth audio output.
  • Added stereo mode selection menu. (Stereo/Mono/Reverse)
  • Integrated Kids Lock plugin into the main module.
  • Added an option for selectively use 'Preview while seeking' for network play.
  • (Experimental) Tegra 3 devices running Android 6 now use the NEON codec.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Supports playback speed control. Speed can be changed on [Menu > Play > Speed] or by swiping up/down with two fingers. This feature is not available with HW decoder before Android 6.
  • SSA subtitle rendering can be improved optionally on [Menu > Subtitle > Settings > Text]. This feature only works with SW decoder as of now.
  • Improved network buffering.
  • De-interlacing algorithm can be selected between yadif and w3fdif. This feature only works with SW decoder as of now.
  • List screen floating button can be removed optionally on [Settings > List > Floating button].
  • Remembers selections/options from the previous playback even if starting over playback. This behavior can be changed on [Settings > Player > Remember selection].
  • Fixed some issues on Android 6.
  • No longer supports Android 2.x, 3.0/3.1 and ARMv5, ARMv6, MIPS CPUs.


  • Added an option for selecting an action on headset disconnected under Settings > Audio.


  • Fixed broken HW+ decoder on some Android 5.1 devices.
  • Support online subtitle downloading/uploading.
  • Action for keyboard(DPad) up/down key can be defined on Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Touch
  • Can delete/rename files on external storage on Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.
  • Added an option for disabling 'playback interface auto hiding'.
  • Added an option for perform ff/rew on next/prev media buttons on Settings > Player > Next/Prev > FF/Rew.
  • Added SW audio (local) option under Settings > Decoder.
  • Display album arts on the lock screen while playing in the background on Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.
  • It can be turned off on Settings > Player > Background play > Album art.
  • Playback screen theme can be changed on Settings > Player > Theme
  • Added sleep timer on Playback screen menu > Tools > Sleep timer.


  • Improved Android TV support.
  • Improved background play interface.
  • Added 'A-B repeat' feature.
  • Added subtitle speed setting under subtitle submenu.
  • Added S/W audio (network) under Settings > Decoder
  • Handles mouse wheel movement on the playback screen. Also can select behavior on Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Touch > Wheel action. (This option is not visible unless a mouse is attached)


  • Improved device compatibility.
  • Fixed duplicated folder listing on some ASUS devices.


  • Black theme is returned.
  • Added Share menu.
  • Added workaround for hardware menu button bug of some LG devices.
  • Added options for trying HW and HW+ in sequence, under Settings > Decoder.
  • Added system notification bar colorizing option for Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • Added default subtitile sync option under Settings > Subtitle.
  • HW+ decoder can be selectively used depending on video codec, under Settings > Decoder > HW+ video codecs.


  • Applied Material design.
  • Added more themes.
  • Support styling of playback screen interface. (Settings are under Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Style)
  • Fixed broken HW+ decoder on some Xperia devices.


  • Added an option for trying hardware audio codec if software audio codec is not available under Settings > Decoder > HW+ audio on SW video.


  • Remove AC3, MLP audio codec due to license issue.
  • Added RTL subtitle disposition option under Settings > Subtitle for Android 4.2 and later.
  • Added http user-agent overriding option under Settings > General.


  • Supports Android 5.0
  • Added View menu on the media list screen for the selection of view mode, sorting order, display fields.
  • Supports MOD audio files including .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, and more.
  • Added "Scroll to last played media" option under Settings > List.
  • Added "Toggle playback with play button" under Settings > Player.
  • Audio track can be disabled through the audio track selection box.
  • Sound volume can be changed independently of system volume by checking off Settings > Audio > System volume.
  • Entire files on a folder can be played by long pressing folder item.


  • HW+ decoder supports more devices including Tegra K1 based devices.
  • Support VobSub(.sub/.idx) subtitle format.
  • Two more screen lock modes are added under Settings > Player > Screen lock, to workaround bugs of some devices including Xiaomi Mi3 series.
  • Added "Last media in each folders" under Settings > List.
  • Separated Froyo, Eclair only version for free edition.


  • Fixed some bugs issued on latest version.
  • Improved thumbnail cache handling.
  • Improved PGS subtitle (BD subtitle) support.
  • Bug report can be saved as a file instead of opening email client.


  • Fixed not displaying video plaback state properly on video/folder list in some cases.
  • Improved hw+ decoder on .ts playback.
  • Fixed displaying text on incorrect position for dvb subtitles.
  • Fixed decoding video iamges incorrectly when resuming playback for some h264 videos with hw+, sw decoder.
  • Fixed broken hw+ decoder for some devices on recent update.
  • .Zip file can be selected as a custom codec.
  • Support Android L Preview.
  • Seperated Tegra3 codec.
  • Support Teletext, PJS subtitle and basic support for WebVTT subtitle.
  • Embedded subtitle mark changed to indicate subtitle type.
  • Improved support for D-Pad navigation.
  • Fixed not working on some devices since 1.7.22
  • MX Player can be pre-installed as a system app. See FAQ for details.
  • Added "preferred subtitle languages" under subtitle settings.


  • Fixed not playing some audios. (But DTS audio still cannot be played without custom codec)
  • Fixed crash on some devices having non-English interface.


  • Support Android 4.4.3
  • Added an option for disabling thumbnail cache.
  • Fixed broken thumbnail cache clearing.


  • Added support for importing/exporting of settings and activity records.
  • Can delete files from external storage(sdcard) on Android 4.4 KitKat.
  • Fixed not loading video embedded .otf fonts.
  • Fixed random crash on playing music/video in background.
  • Fixed not selecting audio track on initial startup on some videos.


  • Added language option under the general settings. Interface language can be changed independent of system language.
  • Added optional Zoom and/or Pan support.
  • Added 'Clear font cache' function on the general settings.
  • Added an option for ignoring media button input from external devices such as headsets, bluetooth devices, etc.
  • Improved CPU type detection.
  • Fixed ignoring saved subtitle bottom padding.
  • Fixed PGS subtitle timing issue.
  • Fixed broken playback of some .wmv files.


  • Recognize cover arts.
  • Added subtitle up/down/zoom gestures.
  • Additional ARMv6 VFP, MIPS, and x86 codec package is not required anymore for Google play edition.
  • Make a workaround for crash on some Asus Android 4.3 devices using Intel Atom CPU.
  • Added three soft button display options for Android 4.4 on Settings > Player > Screen > Soft buttons.
  • Added folder hiding feature which allows excluding specific folders from the video folder list while keeping upper folders unchanged. This feature is available on folder list context menu and Settings > List > Video folders.
  • Added h/w decoder playback position calibration option on decoder settings for devices displaying position incorrectly.
  • Recognize default audio track.
  • Recognize video orientation on h/w+ decoder and video thumbnail generation on Android 2.3 and above.
  • Fixed MX Player service process to be terminated after MX Player become idle.
  • Fixed overlapping texts when switching subtitles.
  • Fixed random frame drop on some devices.
  • Fixed perfoming subtitle scrolling outside subtitle area.
  • Fixed not placing hidden videos on 'play last video' button and menu.
  • Fixed crash if Accented English is selected as the system language.
  • Added 'reset to default' menu in the video folder option screen.
  • File can be renamed in the playback screen through Menu > Tools > Rename.
  • Editing settings are moved to the general category.
  • Can turn off subtitle scrolling.


  • Fixed volume/brightness swiping error when headset is connected on Android 4.4 devices.
  • Fixed HW+ decoder crash on some HTC 4.3/4.4 devices.
  • Fixed audio disappearing error for some iptv/mts videos.
  • Added an option to pause playback if playback window is obscured by another window.
  • Added full screen option for 4.3/4.4 devices having software navigation buttons.
  • Fixed not loading proper subtitles matching current system language. (Only if subtitle contains language information.)


  • Support Android 4.4.1, 4.4.2.
  • Fixed crashing on some Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices.


  • Support Android 4.4 KitKat.


  • Fixed not supporting some Android 4.3 devices including Nexus 7 2nd generation.


  • Fixed unexpected playback pause.
  • Fixed not listing audio files sometimes if used as audio player.
  • Fixed not hiding software keys sometimes on Android 4.3
  • Added options to disable audio fading.
  • Added an option to zoom video for each 50% (150%, 250%,...)
  • Added an option not to delete subtitle files when deleting video files.  (Settings > List > Delete subtitles files together)


  • Fixed FC when starting some videos on Android 4.1 and higher.
  • Fixed codec loading error when running with restricted profiles on Android 4.3 tablets.
  • Added play menu on the video list screen to resume last watched video.
  • Changed to show system volume panel while changing volume with the headset plugged in. Thus volume safe warning dialog will be showed up.


  • Support Android 4.3.
  • Improved Hi10p playback performance with s/w decoder.
  • Added an option to use h/w decoder's native audio track selecting feature for Android 4.1 and higher.
  • Added "audio player" option to use MX Player as an audio player.
  • Added YUV color format for s/w decoder.
  • Added an option for selecting preferred audio language.
  • "Back to list" option replaces "Playback completion action" option.
  • Added an option to override software navigation button configuration for devices having incorrect system configuration.
  • Fixed not hiding soft buttons on NTT ARROWS NX and Lenovo Stuttgart.
  • Fixed playback screen ui issue on Meizu Flyme 2.x.
  • Support devices having old Marvell CPU.


  • Fixed navigation bar at the bottom to be hidden while playing video on Jellybean tablet devices.
  • Fixed custom codec to be reloaded automatically.
  • Added thumbnail rebuilding menu for each videos.
  • Added file association to .wtv and .dvr-ms files.
  • Changed video/folder property texts to be select-able on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and later.


  • Added Android 4.0 compatible ui mode for Android 4.1 and higher.
  • Added color setting for elapsed time and battery/clock text.
  • Added an option to double-tap the back button option to close playback screen.
  • Improved network subtitle file loading.
  • Fixed broken ogg video playback (.ogg .ogv .ogm)
  • Fixed broken touch actions on devices having soft main keys.
  • Pro version can be purchased from product home page even if device is not certified by Google.


  • Fixed broken h/w+ decoder on Tegra 3 and Intel x86 devices.
  • Fixed broken s/w audio decoder settings.
  • Moved screen rotation button to left side of the screen on Android 3.0 and later.
  • Added hiding option of screen rotation button.


  • Added screen rotation button.
  • Added a new orientation option named "use video orientation". This will select screen orientation from video orientation.
  • Added https protocol support on s/w decoder.
  • Added an optional to disable double tap gesture.
  • Improved h/w+ decoder.
  • Fixed broken h/w+ decoder on Android 3.x Honeycomb and some Snapdragon ICS, Jellybean devices.


  • Added support for double tap gesture; Toggle play/pause.
  • Added support for Samsung multiwindow.
  • Added an option to hide position text while seeking video. Check Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Navigation > Display position text while seeking video
  • Changed Kids Lock behavior; If kids lock is in use, do not exit playback screen even if last video is finished.
  • Fixed h/w+ playback failure on Google Nexus 10.
  • Fixed dialogs not to hide behind main window in Android 4.2
  • Fixed starting-up error on Intel x86 Android 4.1 build.
  • Fixed loading error on some custom ROMs.
  • Fixed displaying action selection popup when opening a web link.
  • Fixed incomplete anamorphic video support.
  • Fixed SubRip subtitle file loading error.
  • Fixed to pause video playback when other app's window pops up.
  • (Dev.) Added "headers" intent extra.


  • Fixed not automatically advancing to next video/audio when screen is locked.
  • Fixed broken Tegra3 s/w video playback.
  • Fixed broken MIPS s/w audio playback.


  • Added Playback screen > Menu > Play> Use speedup tricks. This option is only available with s/w decoder and has same effect as selecting s/w fast decoder in old version.
  • Added support for moving between buttons with key input.
  • Fixed to use full screen while video playback on Nexus 10.
  • Fixed releasing input lock when looping single video.
  • Fixed showing same folders twice on Android 4.2


  • Supports Android 4.2 JellyBean MR1.
  • Supports more HTML color codes.
  • Improved MPEG-TS video seeking.


  • Fixed HE-AAC audio playback error in some condition.
  • Fixed to hide Kindle Fire HD 7 navigation bar with input locked.
  • Fixed seeking error with some audio files.
  • Fixed media file scan failure on some JB devices.
  • Increased maximum subtitle file size to 5 MB.


  • Fixed broken video seeking by swiping.
  • Fixed broken video seeking to the end position.
  • Fixed starting up error on some devices including Foxconn Pocketbook A10.
  • Changed custom codec file name (libavcodec.mx.so...)


  • Added an option to show preview images while seeking videos.
  • Added an option to disable volume boost.
  • Added "loop one" in Playback screen > Menu > Play.
  • Recognizes subtitle files having language or number suffix.
  • Fixed some .avi file playback error.
  • Fixed to load subtitle file from subtitle folder when playing remote videos.
  • Fixed noisy audio with some .rmvb files.


  • Fixed broken background play in 1.7.3
  • Added title bar clock/battery display option for tablet devices.


  • Fixed playback error on CyanogenMod 10
  • Improved headset plugging handling.


  • Handles headset/media key input when input control is locked.
  • Fixed broken >2GB file reading on 1.7.1
  • Fixed pause/resume touch action to show UI when screen corner is touched.


  • Disabled H/W+ decoder by default.
  • Reverted controversy main icon.
  • Fixed bugs issued on v1.7


  • Stabilized S/W decoder on Tegra 3 devices such as ASUS Transformer Prime, HTC One X, Nexus 7.
  • Added new hardware decoder named H/W+. (However, H/W+ decoder is available only on limited devices)
  • Added support for x86 CPU.
  • Added background play. (long presss play button)
  • Added supprot for custom FFmpeg build.
  • Added fast scrollbar on the video list screen.
  • Added fast seek option to improve seeking speed with h/w+ and s/w decoder.
  • Improved a/v sync with S/W decoder.
  • Fixed to hide soft button on 7" JB devices such as Nexus 7.
  • Fixed incorrect video aspect ratio on some ICS/JB devices.
  • Fixed color code parsing error on MicroDVD, MPL2, PowerDivX, TMPlayer subtitles.
  • Fixed SSA subtitle rendering error.
  • Removed S/W fast decoding mode. Fast decoding mode will be automatically selected.


  • Fixed crash on tablet devices and settings screen.


  • Added support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Added support for MIPS CPU having MIPS32 rev.2 instruction set.
  • Fixed some network playback errors.


  • Fixed audio playback error with some codecs.


  • Added file deletion menu on playback screen.
  • Changed not to show UI while loading video.
  • Fixed .m3u8 playback error.
  • Removed DTS audio codec due to license issue.


  • Added a reset menu to clear all user settings.
  • Added an option to resume only the first video.
  • Added an option to adjust interface auto hide delay ranging 1 to 10 sec.
  • Fixed video control panel interface disorder on some devices.
  • Fixed disabled volume key while input locked.


  • (Pro) Fixed frequent license checking.
  • (Pro) Added license status display on the About screen.
  • Improved input lock and added the Kids Lock.
  • Improved headset key input handling.
  • Added an option to disable http/https video URL association.
  • Added an option to apply selected aspect ratio to all videos.
  • Added 'Use system default' to screen orientations.
  • Added an option to display remaining time instead of elapsed time. This can be easily switched by touching elapsed time text on the right edge of video progress bar.
  • Added an option to add Quit button on the menu. Unlike back and home button, quit button completely terminates applciation.
  • Added an option not to interrupt current playback of other players.
  • Added an option to hide previous/next video button.
  • Fixed swiping to incorrect position on SAMI subtitles.
  • Fixed 10bits videos playback error with H/W decoder on some devices.
  • Fixed stopping playback when seeking video position on some devices.
  • Fixed not excluding videos having unsupported file extension.
  • Fixed incorrect CPU type recognition on some devices.
  • Fixed bitmap subtitle handling error on Kindle Fire.

1.6d rev.1

  • Fixed conflict with some security softwares.


  • Added an option to select NEW tag display period of the folder/video list.
  • Fixed stopping playback when seeking video position in some devices.
  • Fixed video playback error in 1.6c for some videos.
  • Fixed battery/clock background color drawing error.
  • Fixed resuming to incorrect playback position.


  • Increased maximum volume of S/W audio to 200%
  • Improved text subtitle drawing speed.
  • Improved integrity checking of internal modules.
  • Added options for on-screen elapsed time, battery/clock display; Background color and Bottom placement.
  • Added support for .mov text subtitle.
  • Added shuffle/loop option. (Long click the next video button)
  • Added border thickness option for text subtitles. (except SSA)
  • Added fade-out option for subtitle text; Turn on this option to see fade out effect for disappearing texts.
  • Changed drawing order for bitmap/ssa subtitles to be placed above subtitle background.
  • Changed SSA default font option to be a global option.
  • Changed playback screen menu.
  • Made slightly darker for 0 brightness level, but if your hardware supports it.
  • Made minimum seek speed lower.
  • Made the previous video button work smart; The previous video button either opens previous video or restarts current video from the beginning depending on playback position.
  • Made default H/W subtitle of some ROMs not to be displayed. This can be reverted by an option on settings screen.
  • Fixed file scanning bug.
  • Fixed playback stopping bug after completing video seeking on some devices.


  • Fixed network play error.


  • Added font folder selection menu on the settings window.
  • Added an option to ignore font specified on SSA script but use default font instead.
  • Added an option to disable folder/video editing menu.
  • Added SSA subtitle display size scaling option.
  • Improved S/W audio processing.
  • Improved slowing down problem when internal subtitle is used.
  • Fixed subtitle HTML color tag handling problem.
  • Fixed subtitle loading error related to internal subtitle.
  • Fixed backlight handling error when lock button is used.
  • Fixed ANR error when playback screen is closed while connecting to remote host.
  • Changed playback screen menu.


  • Added support for DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks. (But subtitle scrolling is fairly limited with embedded subtitles. Also Teletext subtitles are still not supported.)
  • Added support for full styling of SSA/ASS subtitles.
  • Added support for Ruby tag. (Only useful with East Asian texts)
  • Added option to select subtitle folder.
  • Added network subtitle file loading with http:// playback.
  • Added support for loading previous/next videos with http:// playback.
  • Added support for mms:// playback
  • Added support for playing Gmail attached video.
  • Added support for .m3u(8) playback.
  • Added option not to touch main button backlight to avoid Galaxy Ace/Geo's backlight error.
  • Added selection window between resume/start-over on playback startup.
  • Added option to keep screen on even after playback stopped.
  • Added option to change seeking speed by screen swiping.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts on options menu.
  • Added battery charging indicator.
  • Added battery/clock display option on tablet devices.
  • Added option to limit video zooming size on H/W decoded screen.
  • Added log sending function. (MX Log Collector is required.)
  • Added video zoom menu (Long click the video zoom button)
  • Added rotation lock menu (Lock click the lock button)
  • Added option to show current progress when locked screen is touched.
  • Improved network URL input window.
  • Changed video/audio synchronizing logic on S/W decoder.
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio of H/W decoded screen on Android 4.0 devices.
  • Fixed seldom losing internal states.
  • Fixed playback screen display error on some devices.
  • Fixed abnormal termination while loading video thumbnail.
  • Fixed .srt parsing error having display position.


  • Reduced main storage usage when installed on SD card.
  • Added option to select full screen view.
  • Changed user interface for Android 3.x and 4.0 devices. Menu become accessible on Galaxy Nexus.
  • Changed subtitle sync adjust time unit to 0.1 second.
  • Changed not to pause default music player when starting video playback.
  • Block home button when input is locked. (Also added "System tools" permission for this)
  • Turn off (or dim out) main button backlights while playing videos. (Froyo and higher)
  • Fixed sync problem after changing playback position on Android 4.0 and some other devices.
  • Fixed network play failing bug.
  • Improved SAMI subtitle parser.
  • Fixed ignoring bold style for custom subtitle font.


  • Added black theme for video list.
  • Changed video list interface slightly.
  • Changed to hide soft buttons on playback screen in Android 4.0.
  • Added option to play from beginning for network play.
  • Reduced storage space usage.
  • Fixed abnormal termination on Android 2.1.
  • Fixed overwriting existing file when files are renamed to the same name as existing files.
  • Fixed displaying menu outside the screen on Honeycomb 3.0 and 3.1.


  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) support.
  • Added option to select S/W decoder separately for network play.
  • Added option to add 'Close' menu on video playback screen.
  • Improved thumbnail extracting algorithm.
  • Display more information on video property window.
  • Fixed some no response error when leaving playback screen.
  • Fixed screen turning off problem when looping playback.
  • Fixed some audio sync mismatch.
  • Fixed some playback issue of variable bitrate video.
  • Fixed rendering quality problem of Mpeg2 TS video.


  • Added option to select color depth of S/W decoded video.
  • Added option to remove video thumbnail.
  • Added option to remove 'new' tag.
  • Fixed playback position resume problem.
  • Keep video state even if storage were removed and mounted again.
  • Remove 'new' tag for finished videos.


  • Permissions added on v1.4 was removed.
  • Screen dragging can be selectively disabled.


  • Improved playback speed of Mjpeg video with S/W decoder.
  • Added Help and Version check menu.
  • Added thumbnail cache clear.
  • Added option to deinterlace by default.
  • Can open network stream URL directly.
  • Can disable playback position change by dragging screen.
  • Fixed S/W decoder color problem on some devices.
  • Fixed some audio playback problem.
  • Fixed opening MX Video Player when downloading files from web browser.


  • Improved streaming media playback.
  • Improved Bluetooth button handling.
  • Decoder can be switched even in the middle of loading.
  • Added 'Play from Beginning' option.
  • Keep screen on while loading.


  • Added 'Start/Pause Playback with Interface' tab action.
  • Fixed playback problem on some devices.
  • Fixed MPEG2-TS related bug.


  • Made Bluetooth play/pause button work on Honeycomb.
  • Fixed playback problem of some MPEG2-TS Video.
  • Fixed looking for incorrect Codecs on some devices.


  • Video playback screen is completely changed.
  • Support Honeycomb.
  • Audio track can be changed while using H/W decoder. (Some devices may not be able to change.)
  • Deinterlacing became possible for S/W decoding mode.
  • Multiple subtitles can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Video view can be resized using multi-touch. Besides, more zoom modes are added. (However, it may not work properly on some devices. Set resizing delay time if the screen severely flickers or freezes while resizing.)
  • Video file extension can be edited.
  • .nomedia file can be ignored.
  • Visibility of hidden files and folders can be selected.
  • Prev/Next/Backward/Forward buttons are added. (Backward/Forwad buttons are only appeared when turned on in Navigation setting.)
  • Forward/Backward can be used by keyboard or D-pad arrow keys.
  • Playback complete action became selectable. it plays next video by default.
  • 'Auto Rotation' now includes portrait orientation.
  • Subtitle drawing quality has been improved. Shadow effect can be turned off.
  • Bold subtitle text drawing became available for user's fonts.
  • On-screen brightness control (up/down on left half of screen) will be disabled if manual brightness control is turned off.
  • Improved playback for MPEG-TS.
  • Improved 5.1ch audio playback.
  • ARMv5 Codec has been added.
  • Fixed screen black-out problem.
  • Fixed lip-sync problem.
  • Fixed noise and low volume problems for some 5.1 channel audios.
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio display problem for some videos


  • Multi-core decoding is available. (some CODECs may not support.)
  • Two S/W decoding modes are available. For speed and quality modes.
  • Support streaming video on S/W decoding mode
  • Video navigation speed has been improved.
  • Playback has been improved for large video files over 2GB.
  • Audio playback no longer stutters.
  • Directories with .nomedia file will not be listed.
  • .OGG Video and .VOB playback has been improved.
  • The process of embedded subtitles for .MKV has been improved.
  • Some UI and icons have been improved.
  • Sound Volume and Brightness Bar are now positioned correctly on high resolution screen.
  • 180 degree rotation is now available for Gingerbread or higher.
  • User Fonts for subtitle became selectable. (As default, .TTF and .OTF files on /sdcard or /mnt/sdcard will be listed.)
  • Subtitle auto-loading can be turned off
  • Subtitle text border can be turned off.
  • Video loading screen is added.
  • More preference menus are added.


  • Video folder selection became available.