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Beta build

Changes since the last stable version:


  • New: Support for the external PGS subtitles (*.sup)
  • Fixed: Improper rendering of some PGS subtitles
  • Improvement: H.264 10bits and HEVC 10bits are listed on [Settings → Decoder → HW+ Video Codecs] even if the device doesn't explicitly support it. Can be enabled in order to force try the hardware accelerated playback. (Do not enable it until or unless you are sure that the device supports the 10bit decoding. Force trying on an unsupported platform may result in unexpected results) 

  • Fixed: Local playback of m3u8 playlists with crypto encryption
  • Fixed: Endless loading when the URL is invalid
  • Fixed: 1.9.18 crashes with some URL redirections
  • Fixed: Issue with some "tx3g" subtitles
  • Fixed: Startup crash on Android P
  • Fixed: Some crashes appeared on Google Play Reports


  • Improvement: Major upgrade to FFmpeg library
  • New: Option to set the corner offset for elapsed time and clock (Workaround for the devices with curved screen)
  • New: Option to switch between dark/light notification background colours
  • New: Option to set the background colour only for subtitle text area
  • Fixed: Audio crackling with AAC_LATM audio tracks
  • Fixed: Communication error while getting online subtitles
  • Fixed: Vobsub (idx/sub) formatted subtitles are not rendered on the screen
  • Fixed: HW+ & SW fails to play certain flv & mp4 files
  • Improvement: Better handling of broken/partially downloaded files
  • Fixed varies crashes reported on Google Play
  • Other minor bug fixes & Performance Improvements

Google Play Beta Test

    Google Play beta test program is intended for the testers/translators who want to get earlier access to our upcoming versions. It's not recommended for the day to day users since it may contain some known/unknown bugs. If you are a regular user & just want to try the beta build once, Kindly use direct download link provided on the top of the page instead of Google Play Beta Test.

To Become a Beta Tester:

To access the beta version of MX Player, MX Player Pro & Associated Codec Packs complete the following steps from your Android device:

  • Click on the following link to go to the Google Play Store and log in if it’s necessary
  • Tap on "Become a Beta Tester"
  • If you don't have MX Player or MX Player installed already, tap Download to install MX Player or MX Player Pro on Google Play.
  • If you have already installed the stable version, Just Check for the updates in Google Play Store App in order to update to the beta build
  • You'll remain a beta tester until you leave the beta program.
To Leave Beta Testing OR switching to stable version:
  • Click on the same link given above to go to the Google Play Store and log in if it’s necessary.
  • Leave the beta program by tapping Leave the Program.
  • Uninstall the test version of the app from your device.
  • Reinstall the app again from Google Play to install the stable version again.