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* Paid version. A valid purchase from Google Play or our website is required to use this app.

Note: Most of the modern devices feature 64 bit CPUs. For better performance, always install the version that is designed for your device architecture. Installing 32 bit apps (i.e. ARM-v7a or x86) on devices with 64 bit CPUs (i.e. ARM-v8a, x86_64) may degrade the performance.

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Std. Edition

MX Player on Google Play

Pro Edition

MX Player on Google Play


Beta version

Kids Lock (Plugin)

MX Log Collector 1.13

System log collecting & sending tool.

Legacy Versions (Android 2.1 - 4.1)

The last known version with Android 2.3 - 4.1 support can be found here

Open-source code





* If you download files using Internet Explorer, the file extension will be incorrectly changed to "zip". In this case, just rename .zip to "apk"