Is there any seasonal discount of MX Player Pro?

      • No, We do not have plan to discount MX Player Pro since it is not fair for customers already paid for it. If you are willing to buy MX Player Pro, you can buy it now without worrying about paying more money than others.

      • On the contrary, price may rise in the future as more features are added. Therefore, we recommend buying MX Player Pro as soon as possible.

I did a factory reset on my phone and it's now wanting me to pay for MX Player Pro again but I already did.

    • License is per Google account. If the account used for purchase is registered on your device, you can install from Google play store without paying again.

I can’t purchase Pro version through Google play store because I can’t use a credit card.

  • Each credit card is different. You may experience trouble using your card for overseas transactions and/or transactions using specific currency. Please consult with your card issuing bank to allow foreign transactions, specifically Korean Won (KRW) currency transactions to complete the transaction.

  • Or, you can choose to purchase directly from our web page. We support a variety payment options for you including credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Google play store does not support purchasing paid apps in my country. Can I still purchase Pro version?

I purchased Pro version but it says "The product purchase history could not be verified..." and fails when run.

  • Order may take up to 24 hours depending on the payment method, although in most cases, it only takes one or two hours. You can try again few hours later.

    • License is per Google account. The account used for purchase should be registered on your device.

    • (For Old Android market app users only) If multiple Google accounts are registered on your device, account used for purchase should be the first account among all Google accounts. This is not applicable to latest Play store update.

    • Play store's app error can cause license checking failure as Google License service is bound to Play store app. Try rebooting the device or upgrade Play store app to the latest one.

    • Dalvik cache modification can cause malfunction. There is a hacking tool, which exploits Dalvik cache. It leaves a garbage file on Dalvik cache after hacking. MX Player Pro will not be installed properly and license check will fail as well if this file is not removed thoroughly.

    • Google play should be installed and worked with no problem. Otherwise license checking may fail.

    • Some patch tools such as Lucky Patcher, AdAway may disturb license validation. If you installed one, please try after removing all these tools.

  • Also try clear the Google Play Store app data on System settings > Apps > Google Play Store and then Remove & add your account again.

License verification fails with restricted profile or kids mode.

Following procedure may resolve this issue;

  1. Verify license by running MX Player Pro while logged in as primary user and connected to the Internet. You can check if license is verified by checking Menu > Help > About screen.

  2. Open user settings for secondary user while logged in as primary user, on System settings > Users.

  3. Uncheck and check again MX Player Pro.

  4. Switch to secondary user.

  5. Run MX Player Pro.

Also check this page: http://wccftech.com/fix-no-connection-retry-error-message-on-google-play-store-app/

Can app be used on multiple devices with a single purchase?

    • Yes, License is per Google account. Therefore, app can be used as long as same Google account is used.

I canceled the order but payment has not been refunded yet.

    • It will take several days if you have used debit card for payment. Please contact your issuing bank for more accurate time frame.

I've never purchased the app, but Google play store does not allow purchase by saying that it is 'already purchased item'.

    • It seems like a Google play store error. Please ask your local Google customers service to fix this error, Also you can directly purchase from us.

I already purchased a copy of MX Player Pro but can't re-install from Google Play Store asking purchasing again.

  • Check if you are using same Google account used for previous purchase. You need to use same Google account since license is per-account.

  • Also try installing from Google Play Store web site (https://play.google.com) from your device instead of Google Play Store app. It is known that Google Play Store app does not work properly sometimes.

Do I need Internet connection to use Pro edition?

    • No. Internet connection is NOT required at all for version 1.6e and above.

Its price 6000 is completely a nonsense.

    • KRW6000 is only about US $6 or less depending on the currency exchange rate. This product will give you tremendous enjoyment for a long time.

What is the difference between Pro and Free version?

    • Two apps have almost identical features except advertisement as of now, but some features may be supported only on Pro edition in the future.

I bought MX Player or MX Player Pro from Amazon.com but it is old version.

    • We are not selling MX Player Pro in Amazon.com as of now. If you paid for it, this is a scam. Please report Amazon.com and return your money back immediately.

  • MX Player is official available again on Amazon.com since JUN-2015 with the seller name "J2 Interactive".

Install & Upgrade

First run of MX Player does not prompt me to install any codec package. Which one should I install?

  • MX Player includes default codecs and will not ask for another codec package installation unless it is necessary. You do not have to install anything in this case

I can't install MX Player from Google play store.

  • You can download installation files from Download section of this homepage.

I can't install codec package from Google play store.

  • You can download installation files from Download section of this homepage.

I downloaded a codec package but cannot find how to use.

    • Codec package is a library modules used by MX Player, therefore it will be used automatically.

    • Please note that you don't need to install codec package if MX Player does not require one, also installing additional codec does package not help improving performance at all.

Can't install app due to insufficient space.

    • MX Player requires up to 20MB of INTERNAL storage space, Android will not install any app on SD card regardless of it having enough storage. You can move it to SD card later but this will be installed on INTERNAL space first.

    • Free internal storage space capacity can be found on Home > Settings > Apps > space gauge at the bottom. You can remove some other apps to increase free internal storage space if necessary.

Can't install app due to insufficient space even though internal space is enough.

    • Some Android 2.x devices have separate spaces for installation and data. Therefore, even though entire space shows that it has enough capacity, app installation may not be possible if there is not enough space for installation.

    • This can be solved by uninstalling existing apps or moving existing apps to SD card (or external storage).

What can I do to hide advertisements?

I purchased Pro version, but advertisements are still showing up.

    • Pro and regular version are two separate ones and can be installed simultaneously. Please run "MX Player Pro" from your app list instead of the other.

Why "System tools - display system-level alerts" permission is required?

    • This permission is required in order to block HOME key input when input blocking is activated on video playback screen.

Why "System tools - kill background processes" permission is required?

    • Since version 1.7, MX Player supports background playback and this runs background process without any active window.

    • This background process needs to be killed in some cases, for example, to restart the app. This above permission is mandatory to kill the background process.

Why "Your accounts - discover known accounts" permission is required?

    • This permission is required in order to discover licensed account when product is purchased from home page. Regular version does not require this permission.

I purchased MX Player Pro from home page but cannot upgrade it from Google play store. How can I do it?

    • MX Player Pro checks newer version periodically when Wi-Fi connection is enabled. You will be asked to upgrade if newer version is available for you.

    • Or you can do it manually using menu item Help > Check for Updates.

    • File is also available on download page.

Is Google TV supported?

    • No, Google TV is not supported. MX Player cannot be run on Google TV devices because Google TV does not allow direct access to system modules.

Is Blackberry Playbook supported?

  • MX Player contains native android codes which cannot be read on BB Playbook's Android player. So there is no chance to run MX Player on BB Playbook.

App takes up too much space. How can I reduce occupied space?

    • MX Player default package contains NEON codec. Your device may require other types of codec, if that is the case, then NEON codec will be redundant on your device. You can reduce occupied space by installing MX Player package which does not include NEON codec. Visit download page to install MX Player which does not include NEON addon.

    • However, there is no way to reduce occupied space if your device requires NEON codec.

    • Or main storage space usage can be reduced by moving app to SD card. Use Home > Settings > Apps > MX Player > Move to SD card to change installation location.

Cannot install MX Player, "signature mismatch" message pops up.

    • It happens when cracked apps are installed on your device. Remove any cracked apps related to MX Player before proceeding.

I installed Kids lock from Google play but can't find where it is.

    • Kids lock is not an app but just a component for MX Player. You can use kids lock by changing lock mode to kids lock. Visit Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Control > Lock mode > Kids lock.

I downloaded MX Player or Codec package from home page but it is not an APK file.

    • There is an issue with Microsoft Internet Explorer renaming .apk to .zip. Just rename downloaded .zip file to .apk file because apk is just zip file.

How can pre-install MX Player as a system app on my custom ROM?

You can pre-install MX Player as a system app from version 1.7.29. Follow following instruction;

    1. Download MX Player package having no codec from download page.

    2. Download proper codec package suitable for running device.

    3. Copy MX Player package on /system/app

    4. Unzip codec package using any unzip utility. And copy all files from /libs folder (except empty ones) to /system/lib

But this is not the case for MX Player Pro. Even if you purchased a copy, it is only for your personal use and cannot be shipped on the ROM for other person.


Initial startup takes too long time until showing folder list.

    • This may be due to the time for scanning folders. MX Player scans folders to build up folder/video list. By default, it scans entire folders on your device, therefore if your device has many folders, it may take quite a long time.

    • To reduce scan time, set your actual media library folders on Settings > List > Folders.

    • Or one or more of following cases:

    1. Device contains too many video/audio files. - This is very rare case but removing some files will definitely reduce launching time.

    2. Network storage is mounted to Android file system through CIFS - In this case, unmounting or disconnecting CIFS may reduce launching time.

    3. SDCard or Internal memory error. It might lead to extremely slowing reading - In this case, formating & restoring the sdcard and/or internal storage can reduce launching time.

When I click links on the web browser, MX Player automatically plays them. How can I download it as a file ?

    • You can prevent this by clicking on a link for a while without pausing, a context menu will pop up with 'save link' command. You can download it as a file with this command.

    • By checking off Settings > General > Play media links, HTTP/HTTPS links will no longer be handled.

    • But this may not work if there is another video player which intercepts http/https links. In this case, please remove that video player or ask to the developer.

How can I watch videos using MX Player linked on a web page?

    • Modern web browsers supports HTML5 which has own video playback capability. If the html is coded to use HTML5 video playback feature, MX Player cannot be used.

Any files are not displayed on the folder/video list.

  • MX Player will list video files only on the SD card. Please copy video files to SD card if you have not done so yet.

  • If you know that the video files do exist but cannot see it on the list, press "Refresh" on the top right corner and MX Player will search for the files.

  • If you still cannot see the video files, the files may be set as hidden. Go to [Settings]->[List] and make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is checked and "Recognize .nomedia" is unchecked. Press "Refresh" after you change the setting to solve this issue.

    • /sdcard is not shared among profiles, which means you will not see files created or copied with other profile. To see these files, you need to return to original profile with which files are created or copied.

Files or folders are displayed twice.

    • This may be fixed by excluding '/mnt/media_rw' on Settings > List > Folders.

How can I setup MX Player as my default player?

You can make MX Player as your default video player by saving MX Player as default action on the action selection menu.

    1. Existing default player selection should be cleared; if you had selected other player as default action, open that player's app info screen and then select "Clear defaults" button.

    2. Open Gallery, a web browser, or a file browser.

    3. Launch a video and then video player selection menu will pop up.

    4. Check "Use by default for this action" and select MX Player.

The default action setting will be applied only to the same video type. Therefore, this selection menu may appear several times if you have different video types.

But there is an issue about this on MX Player Pro. See this link: Issue #1

How can I clear default video player setup?

    • Open Home > Settings > Apps > MX Player window, then select “Clear defaults”, so that MX Player is not a default player anymore.

Can I use MX Player as a music player?

Technically not impossible although some important features are missing to be a music player for the following reasons;

    1. It is not possible to make MX Player as the default handler for audio files. Android does not support file associations to be changed in run-time system.

However, audio file listing is possible by adding each audio file extensions on Settings > List > File Extensions.

App was terminated even before the first screen shows up.

    • This may happen if the app was installed incorrectly. Uninstall MX Player completely and then re-install it.

    • If problem persists, please post a bug report with system log.

App is still alive in the background after closing MX Player.

    • This is due to one of the designated features of Android system. Regardless, you can terminate the app successfully by clicking ‘Quit’ button. Quit button can be added on the menu by checking Settings > General > Quit button on.

All MX Player Pro settings are reset to default after reboot.

    • It is due to the fact that Google Play installs paid apps into mnt/asec rather than data/app which causes the system to clear app settings, as mnt/asec loads later than data/app. Play store encrpyion should be disabled to install on data/app rather than on /mnt/asec. For more information see post #1, post #2, post#3.

    • This issue can be resolved by removing app and installing again from MX Player home page.


What are SW decoder and HW decoder?

  • Mobile devices are much slower than PC as of yet, and thus it may often have trouble playing high-definition video using CPU only. Manufacturers therefore install multimedia chipsets to assist video decoding process specifically. HW decoder is using these chipsets to play videos whereas SW decoder only uses CPU to play them.

What are the differences between HW and HW+?

    • HW decoder plays video(s) using stock media framework whereas HW+ decoder plays video using MX Player's own media framework. In general, HW+ decoder can play more videos than HW decoder. However, some devices may not support HW+ yet and some videos may not be played properly.

    • Volume can be increased up to 200% and background playback feature can be utilized with HW+ decoder.

    • HW+ decoder is disabled by default but can be activated on Settings > Decoder screen. This activation menu will not show up on unsupported devices.

Why my device cannot use HW+ decoder?

    • HW+ decoder requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) and newer version.

    • Most HW+ decoder related failures are due to the customization of Android media framework by device manufacturer(s) or chipset manufacturer(s).

    • Sometimes hardware decoder needs to read system file (i.e. /system/build.prop) to check device configuration. If you changed mounting permission of system partition, return its default condition.

HW+ decoder crashes soon after starting playback.

    • Some devices need /system/build.prop file to initialize hardware decoder properly. If read permission is removed for this file, HW+ decoder may fail. This happens on some HTC devices with Android 4.3/4.4. If you can use adb shell, following command will return permission to default value: chmod 644 /system/build.prop. (But you need to remount /system partition with RW permission first.)

    • HW+ decoder is not guaranteed to work on all devices. Check forum to see if HW+ decoder is supported to work on your device.

MX Player crashes soon after starting playback of videos having AC3/DTS audio.

    • MX Player tries to use device's built-in audio decoder for codecs not shipped inside such as AC3/EAC3/DTS. If you keep facing crash down only for videos having these codecs, you can make MX Player not to try built-in audio decoder by checking off Settings > Decoder > HW+ audio on SW video.

SW decoder is selected automatically even if HW+ or HW is available.

There are a few settings that forces SW decoder. Please check following settings;

    1. Global setting: [Settings] > [Decoder] > [SW decoder(local)] and [SW decoder(network)]

    2. Codec specific setting: [Settings] > [Decoder] > [HW+ video codecs].

Why my device can't use HW decoder?

  • HW decoder uses a multimedia chipset to play videos, so some videos that the chipset does not support cannot be played.

  • Further, Android media framework is in charge of interfacing between app and multimedia chipset. Some devices may not support HW playback properly even if the chipset is capable of doing so due to the defects of media framework.

    • You may strongly suggest device manufacturer to support more video formats so that HW playback to be improved in the future.

    • Please check your device manual or ask your manufacturer to find out supported video formats.

Hardware decoder does not support 10-bit video.

    • For most devices, hardware decoder does not support 10-bit video, it only supports H.264 basic profile. This is because the majority of current phones on the market do not have hardware support for anything beyond H.264 main profile. This is something that we cannot change. It is not a feature that can be added, it is dependent on the phone's hardware.

Why some videos cannot be played using HW decoder even though these videos can be played on other devices having same hardware spec.?

To decode a video using HW decoder, following conditions should be matched:

    1. Video decoding chipset (HW) should support requested codec and profile.

    2. Video decoding middleware should be able to handle requested codec. This middleware is a system software typically provided by device manufacturers, ROM builders, or Google Android team.

    3. Demuxer (file extractor) should be able to read and parse requested video file (mkv, avi, flv, etc.)

Therefore, supported video formats may differ even with the same HW or firmware(s) specification(s).

Video doesn't start or freezes on first frame or pauses automatically

There might be various reasons to that. If it happens with all videos, there is a possibility that some malicious apps might be preventing MX Player from getting audio focus. By default MX Player will stop other players when it starts and pauses automatically when some other app has started playing something. When a malicious app is refuses to stop, then this may happen.

Possible Symptoms are MX Player may a blank screen when you play or will show the first frame. When you seek, the video it will show the content. But, won't play.

You can fix this by force stopping/uninstalling the app that has issue. Alternatively you can force MX Player to start the playback even when it fails get the audio focus by disabling "Play Alone" on Settings > Player

Video playback slows down without SW fast decoder.

    • SW fast decoder is merged into SW decoder for version 1.7 and newer. SW decoder will be switched to fast decoding mode if necessary. Playback speed will not slow down this way.

    • "Use speedup tricks" is equivalent of "SW fast decoder" in previous version. Therefore, select "Use speedup tricks" which can be found on Playback screen > Menu > Play.

How to start a video using specific decoder?

    • You can change your default decoder on Settings screen.

    • Or if you want to select decoder without changing your default decoder, please take following steps; Press on a video list item for a while until a popup menu shows up -> select 'Play...' -> select desired decoder.

Audio repeats playing and stopping.

  • This happens when SW decoder operates and CPU of your device is not fast enough to play a video. Try to encode a video to a format that your device can play without getting overloaded.

Audio and video out of sync

    • Video file may be encoded incorrectly. You may try to play on default video player or in your desktop computer to find out if this is the case.

    • Some HW decoders have audio/video sync problems. You may try to play the file using SW decoder instead of HW decoder to correct the issue.

    • If the problem persists even with SW decoder, it may be because the CPU of your device is not fast enough to play the video. You may try to encode a video to a format that your device can play without being overloaded.

Audio stutters.

  • This might be due to incorrect audio encoding. Please try playing after turning off AV-sync on Menu > Audio > AV-sync. AV-sync menu item is available from MX Player 1.8.9.

Terminated while watching video without any message.

    • This happens when SW decoder fails to play video. It is assumed that Codec related bugs may cause the problem. Please post a bug report with system log.

Video frame drops frequently.

  • If HW decoder drops frame, try SW decoder instead. If SW decoder still drops frame, CPU of your device may not be fast enough to play the video. Try encoding a video to a format that you device may sufficiently play.

Video does not play.

    • Some videos may not be displayed on the screen with HW decoder. This may be caused by HW decoder or Android media framework related bug(s). Please use SW decoder instead.

Audio does not play.

  • There are few cases where using HW decoder for some files give out mixed results. It is because only video codec portion of the files is supported and audio codec is not. In this case, change audio track to SW audio for proper playing.

  • However, there is a possibility that SW audio codec may not support some audio codecs. Some codecs including AC3 and DTS audio codec are not supported due to license issue. But you may have a chance to play these codecs by using custom codec package instead of official one.

Volume boosting is disappeared

    • Currently volume boosting feature does not work with HW decoder. To use volume boosting, select HW+ decoder, SW decoder, or SW audio.

Increased volume to 200% but same as 100%.

    • The difference will be minor if the audio source was recorded at around maximum volume. MX Player uses constant factor to multiply audio samples and the result will not exceed the audio’s maximum value.

    • You can find "volume booster" apps from Google play store if you need to increase volume over hardware limit.

System volume panel appears when changing volume with headset plugged in.

    • Beginning with Android 4.3 Jellybean MR2, sound volume cannot be increased over 7 if a headset is connected. This limitation can only be removed by system volume panel after showing a warning dialog box. So MX Player displays system volume panel when changing volume.

    • If you are using a device or ROM not having this limitation, disable this behaviour on Settings > Audio > System volume panel.

    • Nonetheless, above option may not work with Bluetooth headsets on some devices due to bug/issue of Android inside.

Sound is gone / Volume is not changing and returns to 0 as soon as I release the sound button.

    • Check to see if media volume is muted. Volume will not change if media volume is muted on some devices.

Video position is not changing and resets to the start whenever I return to video.

Some videos can not be "sought" properly. This may happen due to one of the following reasons;

    • Corrupted File - File can be damaged during copy process to the device even if original file is not corrupted.

    • File Configuration - Some video files do not have position information, which is need for changing position. Seeking these files may take longer or not even possible.

    • Decoder Bug - Both HW and SW codec have more bugs than their desktop siblings. Many people are working on improving Android codecs.

Video is not seeking to the exact position.

    • Sometimes video may not be sought to the exact desired position when you use fast seeking feature. You can turn off fast seeking feature on Settings > Player > Fast seeking.

    • Some HW decoders have problem of not being able to find the exact position, instead stop at its nearest key-frame position. Please use HW+ or SW decoder instead if you need exact seeking.

    • Or SW decoder related bug(s) may cause this problem.

Cannot play videos received through MMS.

    • "Read SMS" permission is required to directly play videos sent through MMS. But This permission also allows MX Player reading entire SMS/MMS messages stored in the device, and will cause a big security concern.

    • Please play after saving into the device instead of playing directly from Hangouts, Messages or any SMS/MMS reader.

Cannot play .m4v or .dcf files.

    • Typically .m4v and .dcf files are DRM(digital rights management) protected files. These files cannot be played on MX Player unless DRM protection is removed.

3D Video does not play.

  • We do not support 3D video playing at this moment. The feature is being under consideration for future implementation.

I’m using a device which has Tegra 2 dual core CPU. Why is playing video on my device sluggish?

    • Tegra 2 CPU is a high performance CPU but lacks features required for multimedia playback. Thus the CPU performance for video playback is weak compared to those of other CPUs.

My device specification states that it supports 1080p video playing. Why is playing video on my device sluggish?

    • Device specifications from manufacturers often indicate “maximum” specification for video playback. These specifications are only supported using HW decoder and may differ from real world performance. Specifically, SW decoder performance has little to do with this specification.

Video size is not increased over screen size even with "Crop" zoom mode.

    • HW decoded screen of some devices cannot be resized exceeding physical screen size. This is one of the intrinsic characteristics of certain devices and cannot be fixed. Galaxy S, S2, and Xperia Arc (and more) fall into this category.

    • However, SW decoded screen will be resized over physical screen size.

Device was shutdown while watching video.

    • It can happen when severe error is encountered inside of HW decoder. HW decoder is a global resource, therefore, the problem can impact the entire device and may stop the device in the worst case scenario.

    • HW decoder tends to become noticeably unstable in some situations. Please use SW decoder if this happens, although it is very rare to stop the device entirely because of SW decoder error related issue(s).

    • Also some high clock devices may suffer from overheating problem, causing it to reboot or shutdown. Please use the device in cooler condition and do not connect it to a charger cable or USB cable, as battery charging can raise the temperature.

Device was shutdown while watching video or awakening from sleep.

    • Memory (RAM) shortage may cause device shutdown. Video playback can consume huge amount of memory depending on video resolution. Also some subtitles such as bitmap or ssa/ass requires additional buffer. If your device does not have enough memory (RAM), this may lead to unepxected shutdown or rebooting. In this case, stop other apps consuming large memory before watching a video.

HW decoder is broken. Moreover it does not work with other video players.

    • HW decoder is a global resource. Once an error happens, it can impact the entire system and this can persist until the device is rebooted.

    • Sometimes rebooting will be the only solution.

SW decoder cannot play my video. Why some codecs are not supported?

    • MX Player can play most of the videos using FFmpeg, but some codecs are not supported. There are hundreds of codecs all around the world, therefore, it is very hard for us to support every single one.

    • Moreover, some codecs run only on specific operating system. Let me give you an example - if MS or Microsoft is contained in the name of codec, it may run only on Windows operating system. Such codecs are used mainly on Microsoft video container files such as .WMV and .ASF.

    • In some cases, video may not play even if you know for sure that the codec is definitely supported. That can happen due to a bug of codec or video player. Please write a bug report in this case.

How can I install PC codec so that it can work with MX Player?

    • I hate to say this but there is no way to do so. Android is not compatible with any other operating systems even if it was built on top layer of Linux.

I can't play .swf files.

    • .swf is not a movie file format but an animation file format having vector, raster graphics and animation scripts. Even though there are some desktop video players capable of playing .swf files, it does not mean these players have native capability of playing .swf file. There players use Flash plugin (or ActiveX Control) to play .swf files. Flash plugin is not available on Android.

What is custom codec?

    • MX Player uses FFmpeg as a software codec. User built codec can be used instead of default one from version 1.7 and later.

    • Visit the following page to build custom codec: https://sites.google.com/site/mxvpen/ffmpeg

    • If codecs are built successfully, following files will be generated: libavcodec.mx.so, libavformat.mx.so, libavutil.mx.so, libswresample.mx.so, libswscale.mx.so. Once you copy these files to your device, select copied folder on Settings > Decoder > Custom codec.

    • These codec files are not compatible with previous codec file prior to version 1.7 or libffmpeg.so file from other players.

    • Visit the following link for more information: Link #1

MX Player recognize .OGG files as video files.

    • Although .ogg file is widely used as audio file, it can be used as audio and video files. So MX Player recognizes .ogg as a playable media file.

    • To remove .ogg files from the list, remove OGG extension on Settings > List > File extensions.

How can I repeat same file?

    • Check Loop one/Loop all under Menu > Play. Or simply long press the "next" button.

Video images are distorted on some SW decoder based videos.

    • This can be an issue of YUV color format. It is known that YUV color format may not produce proper video output in some devices or custom ROM. Use RGB 16bits color format instead.


I entered correct URL which has the video content in the network stream input box. but it does not play.

    • MX Player does not have the ability to browse web pages, but direct video URLs will be recognized such as

      • http://www.example.com/video.mkv

      • mms://mms.examples.com/stream.asx

Network streaming is poor.

    • Some versions of MX Player use SW decoder as a default network decoder. Please try again after changing default network decoder to HW or HW+ decoder on Settings > Decoder > SW Decoder (Network) and Settings > Decoder > HW+ Decoder (Network)

Can't see any videos requiring web login

    • Currently SW decoder cannot access login information of web browser. This will be supported in the future if that specific web service uses a standard authentication method.

Can MX player browse and play from DLNA contents?

    • It can play most of DLNA contents but has no ability to browse contents. One of the ways to hand over video URL to MX player is to use another apps such as Skifta, ES Browser, UPnPlayer and others.

Can't play a http link only on MX Player.

    • Some web servers are configured to filter out connection depending on calling app. Web server can figure out calling app by checking User-Agent http header. MX Player's default value for User-Agent field is {app name}/{version name}. For example, "MX Player/1.7.34", "MX Player Pro/1.7.35".

    • User-Agent field can be changed to different value on Settings > General > Http User-Agent. Please note that User-Agent modification will only be used on HW+ and SW decoder.

    • Since 1.7.39, default user agent is changed to follow de-factor standard such as Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.1; en-US; Nexus 6 Build/LMY47Z) MXPlayer/1.7.39. If streaming server suddenly stop working from 1.7.39, please try old user-agent form such as MXPlayer/1.7.39. User-agent can be changed on Settings > General > Http User-Agent.

Can't play files from password protected directories.

    • Currently basic authentication is supported by HW+ and SW decoder. To use HW+ and SW decoder for network playback, turn on Setting > Decoder > HW+ decoder (network) and SW decoder (network)

    • User name and password can be set on url in the form of http://<user>:<password>@host/path

How can I pass other HTTP headers?

    • Raw HTTP header can be entered next to URL after a pipe (|) character. Also multiple headers can be placed separated by '&'. Both headers and values should be encoded following URL encoding rule but '|', '=', '&' should be placed as it is.


    • It is supported from version 1.7.39 but not yet supported for URLs on playlist file (.m3u, etc)

Can't play next file after finishing a file on a web server.

    • To make MX Player play next file, web server should be configured to enable directory listing (or directory browsing).

    • Also index.html (or any default html file) should be removed because if index.html exists, web server would return index.html instead of directory list. Therefore MX Player can't know what's next on that directory.


I am getting "Can't save downloaded subtitles" error.

    • Downloaded subtitles are supposed to be saved on 1) Folder containing video file or 2) Subtitle folder.

    • This message will be popped up if file can't be saved on both folders. Please check if your subtitle folder is selected correctly on Settings > Subtitle > Subtitle folder.

Subtitle scrolling is not working properly.

    • Subtitle scrolling requires precise seeking, but some HW decoders have problem of not being able to seek the exact position. Please use SW decoder in this case. Some SW decoder related bug(s) may cause this problem as well.

    • Also "fast seeking" option should be turned off to enable precise seeking with HW+ and SW decoder. Fast seeking can be turned off on Settings > Player > Fast seeking

How to adjust subtitle sync?

To adjust subtitle sync,

    1. Open subtitle panel. Subtitle panel can be opened on Playback screen > Menu > Subtitle (or Menu > Subtitle > Panel).

    2. Press + - button on the right side of the screen. Sync can be adjusted by 0.1s.

Sync of every subtitles does not match by a few seconds with HW decoder.

    • HW decoder of some devices has timing issues. It is known to be happening on many AMLogic based devices. HW decoder timing can be adjusted on Settings > Decoder > Calibrate playback position.

Video internal subtitles won't display.

  • Most types of internal subtitles will be supported in the future.

TV-Out (HDMI out) screen does not show subtitle nor UI controls.

  • HW decoding mode will show raw video frames for TV-out, but no subtitle nor UI controls on some devices. Use SW decoder instead if this happens.

  • Or this behavior on some devices can be fixed by disabling HW overlays in Home > Settings > Developer Options > Drawing section > Disable HW Overlays.

Can subtitle files be loaded when playing remote video?

    • This will depend on which protocols and networking tools are used. If subtitle file cannot be loaded, subtitle folder can be an alternative. Just select a folder as subtitle folder and copy all subtitle files onto that folder. After this is done, MX Player will read subtitle files from this folder in addition to the media library folder.

    • Subtitle folder can be selected on Settings > Subtitle > Subtitle Folder.

Some characters are missing, incorrect, too small, or too large.

    • Subtitle file may be read using incorrect character encoding. Please try again after manually selecting correct encoding on Settings > Subtitle > Encoding.

    • Or fonts may be missing. If subtitle language is not natively supported by your device, fonts for that language may not exist. In this case, copy proper font files on /sdcard or font folder of MX Player.

    • Font folder can be selected on Settings > Subtitle > Text > Font Folder. Its default location is /sdcard or /mnt/sdcard.

Video playback slows down with subtitle drawing.

    • Subtitle drawing process can slightly slow down video playback if CPU is used at its maximum level. However, the impact can be minimized if you use the following settings;

      1. Turn off text border, shadow, and fade out effect.

      2. Minimize drawings by removing elapsed time and battery/clock from the screen.

      3. For Android 4.0 ICS and later, Use HW acceleration for subtitle drawing (Settings > Subtitle > HW Acceleration)

SSA subtitles are displayed with incorrect font, or some characters are too small.

    • Most SSA scripts are supposed to be run on Windows environment, so they assume that all Windows fonts are available. But it is not true for Android, in fact, Windows fonts are not shipped on Android at all. So you should manually bring it to your device. Correct location for font files is /sdcard or selected font folder of MX player.

    • Or you can force the device to use Android's default font instead of specified fonts on SSA script on Menu > Subtitle > Use Default Font.

SSA or Image subtitle text size is too small. How can I resize it?

    • Scale can be changed on Menu > Display > Settings > Text > Scale.

SSA subtitle character size is irregular.

    • If correct font is not used, some characters can be displayed smaller or larger than other characters.

    • Most SSA scripts are supposed to be run on Windows environment, so they assume that all Windows fonts are available. But it is not true for Android, in fact, Windows fonts are not shipped on Android at all. So you should manually bring it to your device. Correct location for font files is /sdcard or selected font folder of MX player.

Subtitle displayed stained.

    • It can be fault of subtitle hardware acceleration of some devices including Nexus 10. To fix this, subtitle hardware acceleration should be turned off on Setting > Subtitle > Appearance > HW acceleration.

    • However, subtitle hardware acceleration can only be turned off through system settings for some devices including Nexus 10. Check System settings > System > Developer options > Drawing > Disable HW overlays. (Please note that Developer options menu would not be shown by default. Tap System settings > System > About phone menu 10 times to show Developer options)

SSA animation is not smooth.

    • Animation is not fully compliant with SSA specification as of yet. This will be supported in the future.

SSA subtitle swiping is not smooth with 'Improve SSA rendering'.

  • It is due to the way rendering subtitle. If 'Improve SSA rendering' is used, subtitle images are directly blended over video frame. Therefore, left/right movement animation of subtitle image is not possible.

Subtitle layout margin does not apply.

    • Layout margin cannot be applied with subtitles having drawing coordination itself.

Font cache is being generated whenever loading a SSA subtitle.

    • This can happen if font cache is corrupted. In this case, clear cache font on Settings > General > Clear font cache.

Subtitles only display when the UI shows.

    • This is a known issue on some devices. Try Android 4.0 compatible mode under Settings > Player.

How does 'Ignore broken fonts specified in SSA subtitles' work?

    • This option is introduced due to error on Android (as well as Linux) font system. It is known that some widely used SSA fonts -- DFHSGothic-W7, DFPHSGothic-W7, DFGHSGothic-W7 -- are being displayed differently from Windows. With this option, MX Player will override these fonts to either Arial, Roboto or Droid Sans. We recommend putting Arial on MX Player's font directory. You can select font directory on Settings > Subtitle > Font folder.

Same .srt subtitles are displayed twice.

  • There are internal subtitle rendering services in some Amlogic based devices (such as MINIX series) which force to draw subtitles over HW decoder. Please visit here for turning off this service.

User Interface

Power or Home key is not blocked with lock button.

    • Power, Home and some other keys are system keys and cannot be intercepted by app.

    • However, some video player from device manufacturer (typically from Samsung) can block these keys. These methods to intercept system keys are not disclosed, therefore, most likely not available to 3rd party developers.

    • Since Android 4.2, home key may not be blocked in many devices due to Android's internal change.

    • Also alternative locking mode is added since 1.7.31. Try it by changing locking mode on Settings > Player > Alternative screen lock.

Screen lock does not work at all. Even cannot touch unlock button.

There are devices having trouble with default screen lock.

    • Try alternative locking modes under Settings > Player > Screen lock. It is available from 1.7.31.

What are the tags next to the video on the video list?

Tags have following meanings:

    • NEW: Copied or modified files within 7 days, which have no playback record. (Display period can be changed in Settings > List > 'New' tagged period)

    • ASS, MPL, PSB, SAMI, SMI, SRT, SSA, SUB, TXT: Each subtitle file is located besides the video file.

    • CAP: Video file contains closed caption(s).

I already finished watching the video but NEW tag still exists.

    • MX Player applies NEW tag for video copied within 7 days which has no playback record. Therefore, NEW tag can be added if playback record was somehow erased.

    • Playback record can be removed for the following reasons;

      1. App was removed and re-installed.

      2. Playback records were explicitly cleared by "Clear History" command on settings window.

      3. All app data were cleared through app manager or task manager.

      4. Data was corrupted by system error.

If you think that your case is not one of the above scenarios, please post a bug report with the system log.

What is "Auto-Hide Soft Buttons" option ?

    • Soft buttons are software implemented navigation buttons. Back/home/recent for Android 4.0 and above can be one of those. These buttons will not appear if hardware buttons exist.

    • Please turn off this option if your device has hardware buttons.

I am using Android 2.x and cannot access back and menu soft buttons on video playback screen.

    • Soft buttons cannot be controlled on Android 2.x.

    • However, you can turn off full screen display mode so that it does not hide these buttons. Full screen display can be selected on [Settings] -> [Video Player] -> [Screen] -> [Full Screen]

    • In some situations, certain devices cannot be switched to full screen with above setting. Typically this happens on Archos devices which have no physical buttons. There is a private API, which forces it to switch to full screen mode but it will hide main navigation buttons (back, home, menu, etc.) as well. To make the matters worse, it hides navigation buttons not only on playback screen but also on every screens of the app. You will have absolutely no chance of quitting MX Player without the navigation buttons, therefore, this API is useless.

On-screen brightness control is not working.

    • Some devices do not allow an app to have its own brightness value when system brightness setting is set to 'automatic'. Do not use 'automatic' system brightness setting if you desire to use MX Player's brightness control. Some HTC devices have this issue.

    • Some utility apps can interrupt brightness control. Typically this happens on apps displaying their own window on top of actively running app's window. In this case, remove such apps or turn off this feature.

Brightness is not getting lower anymore once reached certain level.

    • Some devices are configured so that brightness has its minimum threshold and cannot become darker. Galaxy S is one of them and its minimum brightness level is twice higher than those of regular devices.

Brightness is brighter than system's brightness setting.

  • In some devices, app can't set brightness as dark as system's brightness setting. In this case, you have to turn off MX Player's brightness control to get darker screen by checking off Settings > Player > Screen > Brightness.

Main buttons' back-light keeps turning on.

    • First, make sure that this following option is not turned off; Settings > Player > Turn off button backlight.

    • Sometimes, back-light control may not work properly, Or it may keep turning on until the device is rebooted. Please uncheck Settings > Player > Turn off button backlight, and reboot your device to recover from this system error. Some Samsung devices have this issue.

    • Or firmware update may break backlight control routine and this will make backlight completely out of control. This may happen on ICS upgrade of HTC Sensation.

My device does not have hardware navigation buttons (back, home and menu) and I have to bring soft buttons up first before swiping screen.

    • That is a defect of Android 4.0 soft button handling mechanism. Android framework does not send touch input message to app without showing soft buttons first. Most recent Google Nexus series falls into this category.

    • The only solution to keep soft buttons visible is by checking off Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Screen > Auto-Hide Soft Buttons.

    • If you are using Android Jellybean (4.1.x), Android 4.0 compatible mode may fix this issue. This option exists on MX Player Settings > Player.

    • This issue is fixed on Android 4.4 KitKat.

My device has hardware navigation buttons (back, home and menu) but I have to bring up interface screen first before swiping screen.

    • There are some misconfigured devices. Please try again after checking off MX Player Setting > Player > Software navigation buttons. Latest HTC devices have this issue.

I am using an Android Tablet. How can I hide bottom navigation / status area during playback?

    • Before Android 4.1 Jellybean, Android had two distinct user interface modes; Tablet mode and Handset mode. In the tablet user interface mode, bottom navigation / status area cannot be hidden by any means.

    • This limitation was removed from Android 4.1 Jellybean.

    • However, some Jellybean devices may not hide navigation bar. In this case, use Android 4.0 compatible mode on Settings > Player > Android 4.0 compatible mode. This option may dim out navigation bar.

I am using a device having software main button. How can I hide bottom navigation / status area during playback?

    • By default, navigation area should be hidden during playback but there are some misconfigured devices. Please try again after checking on MX Player Setting > Player > Software navigation buttons.

    • If this option resolves your issue, please notify us by sending your device model name and brief explanation of your issue to mxvideoplayer@gmail.com. And then we will make MX Player turn this option on by default in the future.

File editing menu is gone.

    • File editing menu can be hidden with the following option: Settings > General > Edit > Allow editing.

Media files and folders that start with dot(.) are not included in the video list.

    • Files starting with '.' are hidden in Linux platform and this is same in Android platform and MX Player as Android runs on top of Linux layer.

    • Check [Settings] > [List] > [Show hidden files and folders] to reveal hidden files and folders.

Some options or menus are missing.

    • Some settings or menus may not be supported depending on running device or Android version. In this case, the unsupported options or menus may not be displayed.

How do I enable Samsung Multi-window?

  • This feature only works on Samsung devices having Multi-window feature. If you are using a high-end Samsung device such as Galaxy S3, Note 2, or Note 10.1, please upgrade firmware to the latest version.

While using Samsung Multi-window, screen is changed to the horizontal direction.

  • This can be prevented by changing MX Player's screen orientation to "auto rotation" or "use system default". This setting is available on Settings > Player > Screen.

It is hard to use Pause/resume touch action on devices having software navigation buttons.

    • If Pause/resume touch action is inconvenient, please use "Show interface -> pause/resume" touch action instead.

Double tap gesture is not working anymore.

    • Since version 1.7.16, double tap gesture is disabled by default but can be enabled again on Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Control > Gestures > Double tap

How can I pause playback automatically when pulling down notification bar or opening menu like old version?

    • Enable this option to pause automatically: Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Screen > Pause playback if obscured by another window

Cannot delete or rename files located on my sdcard or external storage device.

    • Beginning with Android 4.4 KitKat, it become impossible to modify files on external storage devices for 3rd party apps for security reason. But we added a workaround on MX Player 1.7.25. But it may not work on some devices or future version of Android.

Lock screen makes OSD (battery, time, progress, etc.) texts disappear after second video.

  • It is known that #1 and/or #2 lock mode has this issue on some devices. Please try #3 lock mode instead on Settings > Player > Screen lock.


The app has a mistranslation. What can I do to request correction?

I would like to provide translations for another language. What can I do?

  • We are adding names to Contributors List in About menu for those who provide major translations. Please e-mail us if you wish to be included in the contributors list once you submit your translation.

Translation in my language is too poor. How can I change interface language?

    • At this moment, Android does not allow individual app language to be changed. This can be achieved by changing the entire system language.

    • Or you can join us by participating the translation project and delete or modify incorrect texts on your own.


Can I distribute MX Player (free edition) to somewhere else or pre-install on commercial Android device?

  • It is free to distribute to anywhere you want under the following conditions:

    1. .apk file should not be altered or re-packed.

    2. Advertisement should not be blocked deliberately.

    3. You should not pretend copyright owner or developer.

    4. You should not get paid for it. Which means it should be distributed with no charge.

  • We disclaim any warranties or liabilities with regard to this software.

  • If you worry about shipping codecs, you can ship alternate version of MX Player having no codecs. This version can be found on download page. At the first startup, MX Player will let users install a codec package from Google Play Store or MX Player home page.

  • If you like to pre-install MX Player without advertisements, please contact support@mxplayer.in

Can I distribute MX Player Pro?

    • No, MX Player Pro is a paid app. If you purchase a copy, you can use it for your personal purpose. But you cannot give a copy of it to anyone else and cannot use for commercial purpose.

Can I pre-install MX Player Pro on a commercial product?

    • No. MX Player Pro is only available to individual users. Please pre-install MX Player instead.

What is maturity rate of advertisement from MX Player?

    • Its maturity rate is "Everyone" which means you can ship MX Player on any products including products targeting children.

Do you provide any solution, sub-licensing, exchange of technology or customized version?

  • No. We do not provide solutions such as library component nor customized version as of yet.

Do you have any plans to exchange banner(s) or cross promotion?

    • No. We do not have plan to exchange banner(s) or cross promotion with other apps as of now.

I am running a 3rd party market. Can I upload MX Player on my market?

    • Yes. you can freely upload MX Player on your market. But MX Player contains many links to Google play such as codec download link and this is not going to be changed.

    • And please do not ask us to register your site and upload ourselves. APK files are available on download page, so you can upload it by yourself. Also do not ask for any legal document, we will never issue any lawsuit for distributing through your market as long as it is uploaded intact.

Can I distribute my contents through MX Player?

    • No. MX Player is, and will be a lightweight utility. We will not make any partnership for distributing contents through MX Player.

I am running a subtitle download service. How can I provide my database to MX Player?

    • We are searching for subtitle database. If you have an API for 3rd party, please contact support@mxplayer.in.

How to ship advertisements on MX Player?


Settings are not remembered. / Last played video or finished videos are not displayed in different colour. / The "What's New" message appears whenever launching the player.

    • This can happen when MX Player can't write to internal data file. Please clear app data and try again.

    • App data can be cleared in Home > Menu > Settings > Apps > MX Player > Clear data.

There is a bug in the app. Where should I tell?

    • Please upload your bug report to our forum.

  • System log is needed when the bug crashes your player.

  • If you know that specific video file or subtitle file cause a problem, please send us that file or URL where we can download that file. We will do our best to take care of the issue.

How to send system log ?

  • Run Help > Bug Report menu command after the error happens. (MX Log Collector is required before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Please install it before sending system log.) The dialog box will launch an email composer to mxvideoplayer@gmail.com by default. If you want to save it to a file, check 'Save to a file' on the Bug report dialog box.

    • Log should be collected immediately after the error. If you run it too late, log will be erased.

    • And please do not forget to write a brief description of the error even if the log was requested by our staff as this will be helpful for us to understand the situation better.

    • If you are requested to send the system log from MX Player forum, please write a post on the forum after sending the log so that we can get to it even faster.

I found an advertising banner distributing malware or displaying deceptive message.

How can I get source codes of MX Player?

  • You can't. MX Player is not an open source project and source codes is not available in public.

FAQ does not provide answer to my question.

  • Visit forum for more information.