• New: We’ve applied a fresh coat of paint to make your favourite video player prettier than ever.

    • New: Now featuring a grid view with bigger thumbnails.

    • The floating button is now brighter and clearer even with dark themes.

    • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.


    • Fixed: MX Player can now read subtitles on external storages of some Asus/Huawei devices.

    • Fixed: HW+ Decoder can now advance to the next file on MiBox3.

    • Online (India):

    • Love WhatsApp status videos? Now you can not only save but also share your friend's status videos via MX.

    • Better onboarding experience for new users.


    • New: Dark theme is back for the users in India to keep your eyes cool!

    • New: The common file operations are in your fingertips with our new More menu for local files.

    • New: Get the contents of your interest with our new Content Preferences on the Me tab.

    • Fixed: Background Playback issues on recent versions.

    • Fixed: Quality switching issues on the online player.

    • Fixed: Navigation bar issues on dark themes.


    • Fixed: Soft navigation buttons are not visible on some devices.

    • Fixed: License validation issues on devices with Android 8 and newer.

    • Fixed: Unable to toggle Background Playback from the Quick Shortcuts.


    • Fixed: Crashes on devices with Tegra chipsets.


    • New: Support for more codecs.

    • Fixed: Background Playback issues on newer Android versions.

    • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


    • Basic support for PLS playlists.

    • Auto reconnection of network streams when playback fails before the end of the stream.

    • Improved error handling on network failures.

    • Fixed: Accidental inclusion of "Personalized Ad Preferences" in the License Agreement screen of Pro version.

    • Fixed: Bootloop caused by a platform bug on CyanogenMod/Lineage ROMs.

    • Fixed: MX failed to seek some TS and MPG files.

    • Fixed: Crashes caused by accessibility services on the login screen.

    • Fixed: Quick shortcut misalignment on the closure.


    • Fixed: Various crashes reported on Google Play


    • Fixed: MX Player is not listed as an option on Open With

    • Fixed: MediaList screen layout issues with RTL Languages

    • Fixed: Background Playback fails when MX was previously killed by the system

    • More appropriate errors on playback failures due to network issues


    • Get the most common action done with ease using the new quick shortcuts

    • Improved subtitle search and download to handle issues

    • Restored the language setting

    • Fixed: Manual language selection doesn't work well on newer android versions

    • Fixed: Prevent accidental renaming of the file with an empty name


    • Fixed crashes reported on various channels


    • Fixed: Volume control issues on silent mode (on OnePlus and OPPO devices)


    • Use of appropriate errors when playback fails due to the network issues

    • Fixed: Volume control issues on Meizu devices

    • Workaround for android 8.1 redundant rotation issues


    • Optimized for faster start up

    • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


    • Upgraded target API to 26 for better security and performance

    • Fixed: NTFS storage issues on NVIDIA Shield & MI BOX 3 with android 8.0

    • Fixed: Stuttering of some specific videos on HW+ & SW decoders

    • Fixed: Blank screen issue on split screen mode when screen is locked -> unlocked

    • Fixed: Issues on loading some external PGS subtitles

    • Fixed: Orientation & button selection issues on GDPR, Welcome screens


    • Update to comply with GDPR & Other Privacy Protects laws


    • Fixed: Various crashes from the recent versions


    • Fixed: MX Player is not listed on Google Play of some TV boxes


    • New: Support for the external PGS subtitles (*.sup)

    • Fixed: Improper rendering of some PGS subtitles

    • Improvement: H.264 10bits and HEVC 10bits are listed on [Settings → Decoder → HW+ Video Codecs] even if the device doesn't explicitly support it. Can be enabled in order to force try the hardware accelerated playback. (Do not enable it until or unless you are sure that the device supports the 10bit decoding. Force trying on an unsupported platform may result in unexpected results)

    • Fixed: Local playback of m3u8 playlists with crypto encryption

    • Fixed: Endless loading when the URL is invalid

    • Fixed: 1.9.18 crashes with some URL redirections

    • Fixed: Issue with some "tx3g" subtitles

    • Fixed: Startup crash on Android P

    • Fixed: Some crashes appeared on Google Play Reports


    • Improvement: Major upgrade to FFmpeg library

    • New: Option to set the corner offset for elapsed time and clock (Workaround for the devices with curved screen)

    • New: Option to switch between dark/light notification background colours

    • New: Option to set the background colour only for subtitle text area

    • Fixed: Audio crackling with AAC_LATM audio tracks

    • Fixed: Communication error while getting online subtitles

    • Fixed: Vobsub (idx/sub) formatted subtitles are not rendered on the screen

    • Fixed: HW+ & SW fails to play certain flv & mp4 files

    • Improvement: Better handling of broken/partially downloaded files

    • Fixed varies crashes reported on Google Play

    • Other minor bug fixes & Performance Improvements


    • Brightness value on the screen doesn't matches with the value on the settings


    • fixed: Menu disappears on hover with the mouse


    • Fixed: Some crashes from the recent versions


    • Improved: Better brightness scaling algorithm to make it smoother on low screen brightness conditions.

    • Fixed: Some crashes from the recent versions


    • Fixed: Brightness can't be reduced up to system lowest brightness.

    • Fixed: Some x86 specific ANRs

    • Fixed: Some crashes appeared on Google Play Console


    • Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements


    • New: Settings to prefer HDMI pass-through mode over internal decoders

    • Improved: Optional workaround for Opus audio crackings due to poor muxing (Check Menu > Audio > Fix broken Audio)

    • Improved: "Hi10p" Hardware acceleration is now enabled for devices with Rockchip RK3399

    • Fixed: Various crashes reported by users

    • Fixed: Zoom & Pan issues when custom zoom is used previously

    • Fixed: Resumes automatically on some occasions when it's previously paused due to headset disconnection

    • Fixed: Incorrect error messages when playback fails due to network errors or when the stream is unavailable

    • Fixed: Background play pauses on some specific occasions

    • Fixed: Playback of network streams closes automatically when switching to background


    • Fixed: HW+ & SW playback issues with some protocols

    • Improved: Non-smooth HW+ playback of certain videos on Android 7.x (Non-smoothness of HW Decoder can't be fixed as it's broken in the android itself)

    • Fixed: Background play always resumes despite of settings

    • Fixed: AVI files starts at random position

    • Fixed: Black screen in split screen mode

    • Fixed: Playback failure of some local m3u playlists

    • Fixed: Blank space on the top of medialist screen


    • Fixed: Some crashes from 1.9.4 and 1.9.5


    • Improvements on HEVC 12bit playback

    • TV mode option is now hidden on non TV devices with touchscreen to avoid accidental brightness/volume gesture issues

    • Fixed: Storage access is not requested when the file is opened from the external App

    • Fixed: some SSA subtitle rendering issues

    • Fixed: Occasional blank VP9/HEVC video playback issues with HW+

    • Fixed: Playback position resets when Previous/Next is pressed

    • Fixed: Pinch zooming changes the aspect ratio

    • Fixed: Device specific crash when external storage is inserted

    • Fixed: Crashes related to media capability detection

    • Fixed: Opensubtitle language codes for some languages

    • Fixed: Playback is started at wrong position when next button is pressed


    • Fixed: Audio stuttering when switching to background

    • Fixed: HW+ issues with HEVC/VP9 codecs


    • Fixed: Background playback related issues

    • Fixed: Crashes from 1.9.x

    • Fixed: Missing translations for some languages

    • Minor UI optimisations


    • Fixed: Automatic audio track change when switching between apps

    • Fixed: some issues related to font caching process

    • Fixed: Crashing when the video is opened from WhatsApp

    • Fixed: Playback restarts when HW decoder stops due to "unexpected end of stream"

    • Fixed: No audio in background mode when certain audio codecs are used in the video file

    • Fixed: Issues on scanning media files from the external storages

    • Fixed: some HW+ artifacts

    • New keyboard shortcut for adjusting the speed (Ctrl + UP/DOWN)


    • Support for HDMI passthrough of Audio HD codecs

    • Support for external audio track loading

    • FFmpeg library is upgraded to a recent version

    • More precise zoom and stretch

    • Media scanning and listing improvements

    • Support for different android audio output methods (Java AudioTrack, Native AudioTrack, OpenSL)


    • AC-3 support is re-enabled for most of the regions

    • Bug fixes & Performance Improvements


    • Optimisations on the app startup time

    • Fixed: some crashes from previous versions


    • Added AV-sync menu on [Playback screen → Menu → Audio]. This can be used for disabling AV-sync if audio keeps stuttering.


  • Added alternative HW+ decoder for Android 5.0 and above which will be used automatically on Android 7, HTC devices and CyanogenMod. For other devices, it can be activated manually on [Settings → Decoder → Alternative HW+ decoder].

  • Supports Android 7.0 multi-window.

  • Added an option for playing without video display on [Playback screen → Menu → Display → Video].


  • Added swipe/pull down interface for the refreshing media library. (Refresh method can be changed on [Settings → List → Refresh method])

  • Added an option for unattended Android TV on [Settings → Player → Suppress error message].

  • Fixed MX Player Pro not running on Android 7.


  • AV sync improvement including Bluetooth audio output.

  • Improved SSA subtitle rendering.

  • Added audio synchronization menu.

  • Added optional audio delay for Bluetooth audio output.

  • Added stereo mode selection menu. (Stereo/Mono/Reverse)

  • Integrated Kids Lock plugin into the main module.

  • Added an option for selectively use 'Preview while seeking' for network play.

  • (Experimental) Tegra 3 devices running Android 6 now use the NEON codec.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Supports playback speed control. Speed can be changed on [Menu > Play > Speed] or by swiping up/down with two fingers. This feature is not available with HW decoder before Android 6.

  • SSA subtitle rendering can be improved optionally on [Menu > Subtitle > Settings > Text]. This feature only works with SW decoder as of now.

  • Improved network buffering.

  • De-interlacing algorithm can be selected between yadif and w3fdif. This feature only works with SW decoder as of now.

  • List screen floating button can be removed optionally on [Settings > List > Floating button].

  • Remembers selections/options from the previous playback even if starting over playback. This behavior can be changed on [Settings > Player > Remember selection].

  • Fixed some issues on Android 6.

  • No longer supports Android 2.x, 3.0/3.1 and ARMv5, ARMv6, MIPS CPUs.


    • Added an option for selecting an action on headset disconnected under Settings > Audio.


    • Fixed broken HW+ decoder on some Android 5.1 devices.

    • Support online subtitle downloading/uploading.

    • Action for keyboard(DPad) up/down key can be defined on Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Touch

    • Can delete/rename files on external storage on Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.

    • Added an option for disabling 'playback interface auto hiding'.

    • Added an option for perform ff/rew on next/prev media buttons on Settings > Player > Next/Prev > FF/Rew.

    • Added SW audio (local) option under Settings > Decoder.

    • Display album arts on the lock screen while playing in the background on Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.

    • It can be turned off on Settings > Player > Background play > Album art.

    • Playback screen theme can be changed on Settings > Player > Theme

    • Added sleep timer on Playback screen menu > Tools > Sleep timer.


    • Improved Android TV support.

    • Improved background play interface.

    • Added 'A-B repeat' feature.

    • Added subtitle speed setting under subtitle submenu.

    • Added S/W audio (network) under Settings > Decoder

    • Handles mouse wheel movement on the playback screen. Also can select behavior on Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Touch > Wheel action. (This option is not visible unless a mouse is attached)


    • Improved device compatibility.

    • Fixed duplicated folder listing on some ASUS devices.


    • Black theme is returned.

    • Added Share menu.

    • Added workaround for hardware menu button bug of some LG devices.

    • Added options for trying HW and HW+ in sequence, under Settings > Decoder.

    • Added system notification bar colorizing option for Android 5.0 Lollipop.

    • Added default subtitile sync option under Settings > Subtitle.

    • HW+ decoder can be selectively used depending on video codec, under Settings > Decoder > HW+ video codecs.


    • Applied Material design.

    • Added more themes.

    • Support styling of playback screen interface. (Settings are under Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Style)

    • Fixed broken HW+ decoder on some Xperia devices.


    • Added an option for trying hardware audio codec if software audio codec is not available under Settings > Decoder > HW+ audio on SW video.


    • Remove AC3, MLP audio codec due to license issue.

    • Added RTL subtitle disposition option under Settings > Subtitle for Android 4.2 and later.

    • Added http user-agent overriding option under Settings > General.


    • Supports Android 5.0

    • Added View menu on the media list screen for the selection of view mode, sorting order, display fields.

    • Supports MOD audio files including .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, and more.

    • Added "Scroll to last played media" option under Settings > List.

    • Added "Toggle playback with play button" under Settings > Player.

    • Audio track can be disabled through the audio track selection box.

    • Sound volume can be changed independently of system volume by checking off Settings > Audio > System volume.

    • Entire files on a folder can be played by long pressing folder item.


    • HW+ decoder supports more devices including Tegra K1 based devices.

    • Support VobSub(.sub/.idx) subtitle format.

    • Two more screen lock modes are added under Settings > Player > Screen lock, to workaround bugs of some devices including Xiaomi Mi3 series.

    • Added "Last media in each folders" under Settings > List.

    • Separated Froyo, Eclair only version for free edition.


    • Fixed some bugs issued on latest version.

    • Improved thumbnail cache handling.

    • Improved PGS subtitle (BD subtitle) support.

    • Bug report can be saved as a file instead of opening email client.


    • Fixed not displaying video plaback state properly on video/folder list in some cases.

    • Improved hw+ decoder on .ts playback.

    • Fixed displaying text on incorrect position for dvb subtitles.

    • Fixed decoding video iamges incorrectly when resuming playback for some h264 videos with hw+, sw decoder.

    • Fixed broken hw+ decoder for some devices on recent update.

    • .Zip file can be selected as a custom codec.

    • Support Android L Preview.

    • Seperated Tegra3 codec.

    • Support Teletext, PJS subtitle and basic support for WebVTT subtitle.

    • Embedded subtitle mark changed to indicate subtitle type.

    • Improved support for D-Pad navigation.

    • Fixed not working on some devices since 1.7.22

    • MX Player can be pre-installed as a system app. See FAQ for details.

    • Added "preferred subtitle languages" under subtitle settings.


    • Fixed not playing some audios. (But DTS audio still cannot be played without custom codec)

    • Fixed crash on some devices having non-English interface.


    • Support Android 4.4.3

    • Added an option for disabling thumbnail cache.

    • Fixed broken thumbnail cache clearing.


    • Added support for importing/exporting of settings and activity records.

    • Can delete files from external storage(sdcard) on Android 4.4 KitKat.

    • Fixed not loading video embedded .otf fonts.

    • Fixed random crash on playing music/video in background.

    • Fixed not selecting audio track on initial startup on some videos.


    • Added language option under the general settings. Interface language can be changed independent of system language.

    • Added optional Zoom and/or Pan support.

    • Added 'Clear font cache' function on the general settings.

    • Added an option for ignoring media button input from external devices such as headsets, bluetooth devices, etc.

    • Improved CPU type detection.

    • Fixed ignoring saved subtitle bottom padding.

    • Fixed PGS subtitle timing issue.

    • Fixed broken playback of some .wmv files.


    • Recognize cover arts.

    • Added subtitle up/down/zoom gestures.

    • Additional ARMv6 VFP, MIPS, and x86 codec package is not required anymore for Google play edition.

    • Make a workaround for crash on some Asus Android 4.3 devices using Intel Atom CPU.

    • Added three soft button display options for Android 4.4 on Settings > Player > Screen > Soft buttons.

    • Added folder hiding feature which allows excluding specific folders from the video folder list while keeping upper folders unchanged. This feature is available on folder list context menu and Settings > List > Video folders.

    • Added h/w decoder playback position calibration option on decoder settings for devices displaying position incorrectly.

    • Recognize default audio track.

    • Recognize video orientation on h/w+ decoder and video thumbnail generation on Android 2.3 and above.

    • Fixed MX Player service process to be terminated after MX Player become idle.

    • Fixed overlapping texts when switching subtitles.

    • Fixed random frame drop on some devices.

    • Fixed perfoming subtitle scrolling outside subtitle area.

    • Fixed not placing hidden videos on 'play last video' button and menu.

    • Fixed crash if Accented English is selected as the system language.

    • Added 'reset to default' menu in the video folder option screen.

    • File can be renamed in the playback screen through Menu > Tools > Rename.

    • Editing settings are moved to the general category.

    • Can turn off subtitle scrolling.


    • Fixed volume/brightness swiping error when headset is connected on Android 4.4 devices.

    • Fixed HW+ decoder crash on some HTC 4.3/4.4 devices.

    • Fixed audio disappearing error for some iptv/mts videos.

    • Added an option to pause playback if playback window is obscured by another window.

    • Added full screen option for 4.3/4.4 devices having software navigation buttons.

    • Fixed not loading proper subtitles matching current system language. (Only if subtitle contains language information.)


    • Support Android 4.4.1, 4.4.2.

    • Fixed crashing on some Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices.


    • Support Android 4.4 KitKat.


    • Fixed not supporting some Android 4.3 devices including Nexus 7 2nd generation.


    • Fixed unexpected playback pause.

    • Fixed not listing audio files sometimes if used as audio player.

    • Fixed not hiding software keys sometimes on Android 4.3

    • Added options to disable audio fading.

    • Added an option to zoom video for each 50% (150%, 250%,...)

    • Added an option not to delete subtitle files when deleting video files. (Settings > List > Delete subtitles files together)


    • Fixed FC when starting some videos on Android 4.1 and higher.

    • Fixed codec loading error when running with restricted profiles on Android 4.3 tablets.

    • Added play menu on the video list screen to resume last watched video.

    • Changed to show system volume panel while changing volume with the headset plugged in. Thus volume safe warning dialog will be showed up.


    • Support Android 4.3.

    • Improved Hi10p playback performance with s/w decoder.

    • Added an option to use h/w decoder's native audio track selecting feature for Android 4.1 and higher.

    • Added "audio player" option to use MX Player as an audio player.

    • Added YUV color format for s/w decoder.

    • Added an option for selecting preferred audio language.

    • "Back to list" option replaces "Playback completion action" option.

    • Added an option to override software navigation button configuration for devices having incorrect system configuration.

    • Fixed not hiding soft buttons on NTT ARROWS NX and Lenovo Stuttgart.

    • Fixed playback screen ui issue on Meizu Flyme 2.x.

    • Support devices having old Marvell CPU.


    • Fixed navigation bar at the bottom to be hidden while playing video on Jellybean tablet devices.

    • Fixed custom codec to be reloaded automatically.

    • Added thumbnail rebuilding menu for each videos.

    • Added file association to .wtv and .dvr-ms files.

    • Changed video/folder property texts to be select-able on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and later.


    • Added Android 4.0 compatible ui mode for Android 4.1 and higher.

    • Added color setting for elapsed time and battery/clock text.

    • Added an option to double-tap the back button option to close playback screen.

    • Improved network subtitle file loading.

    • Fixed broken ogg video playback (.ogg .ogv .ogm)

    • Fixed broken touch actions on devices having soft main keys.

    • Pro version can be purchased from product home page even if device is not certified by Google.


    • Fixed broken h/w+ decoder on Tegra 3 and Intel x86 devices.

    • Fixed broken s/w audio decoder settings.

    • Moved screen rotation button to left side of the screen on Android 3.0 and later.

    • Added hiding option of screen rotation button.


    • Added screen rotation button.

    • Added a new orientation option named "use video orientation". This will select screen orientation from video orientation.

    • Added https protocol support on s/w decoder.

    • Added an optional to disable double tap gesture.

    • Improved h/w+ decoder.

    • Fixed broken h/w+ decoder on Android 3.x Honeycomb and some Snapdragon ICS, Jellybean devices.


  • Added support for double tap gesture; Toggle play/pause.

  • Added support for Samsung multiwindow.

  • Added an option to hide position text while seeking video. Check Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Navigation > Display position text while seeking video

  • Changed Kids Lock behavior; If kids lock is in use, do not exit playback screen even if last video is finished.

  • Fixed h/w+ playback failure on Google Nexus 10.

  • Fixed dialogs not to hide behind main window in Android 4.2

  • Fixed starting-up error on Intel x86 Android 4.1 build.

  • Fixed loading error on some custom ROMs.

  • Fixed displaying action selection popup when opening a web link.

  • Fixed incomplete anamorphic video support.

  • Fixed SubRip subtitle file loading error.

  • Fixed to pause video playback when other app's window pops up.

  • (Dev.) Added "headers" intent extra.


    • Fixed not automatically advancing to next video/audio when screen is locked.

    • Fixed broken Tegra3 s/w video playback.

    • Fixed broken MIPS s/w audio playback.


    • Added Playback screen > Menu > Play> Use speedup tricks. This option is only available with s/w decoder and has same effect as selecting s/w fast decoder in old version.

    • Added support for moving between buttons with key input.

    • Fixed to use full screen while video playback on Nexus 10.

    • Fixed releasing input lock when looping single video.

    • Fixed showing same folders twice on Android 4.2


    • Supports Android 4.2 JellyBean MR1.

    • Supports more HTML color codes.

    • Improved MPEG-TS video seeking.


    • Fixed HE-AAC audio playback error in some condition.

    • Fixed to hide Kindle Fire HD 7 navigation bar with input locked.

    • Fixed seeking error with some audio files.

    • Fixed media file scan failure on some JB devices.

    • Increased maximum subtitle file size to 5 MB.


    • Fixed broken video seeking by swiping.

    • Fixed broken video seeking to the end position.

    • Fixed starting up error on some devices including Foxconn Pocketbook A10.

    • Changed custom codec file name (


    • Added an option to show preview images while seeking videos.

    • Added an option to disable volume boost.

    • Added "loop one" in Playback screen > Menu > Play.

    • Recognizes subtitle files having language or number suffix.

    • Fixed some .avi file playback error.

    • Fixed to load subtitle file from subtitle folder when playing remote videos.

    • Fixed noisy audio with some .rmvb files.


    • Fixed broken background play in 1.7.3

    • Added title bar clock/battery display option for tablet devices.


    • Fixed playback error on CyanogenMod 10

    • Improved headset plugging handling.


    • Handles headset/media key input when input control is locked.

    • Fixed broken >2GB file reading on 1.7.1

    • Fixed pause/resume touch action to show UI when screen corner is touched.


    • Disabled H/W+ decoder by default.

    • Reverted controversy main icon.

    • Fixed bugs issued on v1.7


    • Stabilized S/W decoder on Tegra 3 devices such as ASUS Transformer Prime, HTC One X, Nexus 7.

    • Added new hardware decoder named H/W+. (However, H/W+ decoder is available only on limited devices)

    • Added support for x86 CPU.

    • Added background play. (long presss play button)

    • Added supprot for custom FFmpeg build.

    • Added fast scrollbar on the video list screen.

    • Added fast seek option to improve seeking speed with h/w+ and s/w decoder.

    • Improved a/v sync with S/W decoder.

    • Fixed to hide soft button on 7" JB devices such as Nexus 7.

    • Fixed incorrect video aspect ratio on some ICS/JB devices.

    • Fixed color code parsing error on MicroDVD, MPL2, PowerDivX, TMPlayer subtitles.

    • Fixed SSA subtitle rendering error.

    • Removed S/W fast decoding mode. Fast decoding mode will be automatically selected.


    • Fixed crash on tablet devices and settings screen.


    • Added support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

    • Added support for MIPS CPU having MIPS32 rev.2 instruction set.

    • Fixed some network playback errors.


    • Fixed audio playback error with some codecs.


    • Added file deletion menu on playback screen.

    • Changed not to show UI while loading video.

    • Fixed .m3u8 playback error.

    • Removed DTS audio codec due to license issue.


    • Added a reset menu to clear all user settings.

    • Added an option to resume only the first video.

    • Added an option to adjust interface auto hide delay ranging 1 to 10 sec.

    • Fixed video control panel interface disorder on some devices.

    • Fixed disabled volume key while input locked.


    • (Pro) Fixed frequent license checking.

    • (Pro) Added license status display on the About screen.

    • Improved input lock and added the Kids Lock.

    • Improved headset key input handling.

    • Added an option to disable http/https video URL association.

    • Added an option to apply selected aspect ratio to all videos.

    • Added 'Use system default' to screen orientations.

    • Added an option to display remaining time instead of elapsed time. This can be easily switched by touching elapsed time text on the right edge of video progress bar.

    • Added an option to add Quit button on the menu. Unlike back and home button, quit button completely terminates applciation.

    • Added an option not to interrupt current playback of other players.

    • Added an option to hide previous/next video button.

    • Fixed swiping to incorrect position on SAMI subtitles.

    • Fixed 10bits videos playback error with H/W decoder on some devices.

    • Fixed stopping playback when seeking video position on some devices.

    • Fixed not excluding videos having unsupported file extension.

    • Fixed incorrect CPU type recognition on some devices.

    • Fixed bitmap subtitle handling error on Kindle Fire.

1.6d rev.1

    • Fixed conflict with some security softwares.


    • Added an option to select NEW tag display period of the folder/video list.

    • Fixed stopping playback when seeking video position in some devices.

    • Fixed video playback error in 1.6c for some videos.

    • Fixed battery/clock background color drawing error.

    • Fixed resuming to incorrect playback position.


    • Increased maximum volume of S/W audio to 200%

    • Improved text subtitle drawing speed.

    • Improved integrity checking of internal modules.

    • Added options for on-screen elapsed time, battery/clock display; Background color and Bottom placement.

    • Added support for .mov text subtitle.

    • Added shuffle/loop option. (Long click the next video button)

    • Added border thickness option for text subtitles. (except SSA)

    • Added fade-out option for subtitle text; Turn on this option to see fade out effect for disappearing texts.

    • Changed drawing order for bitmap/ssa subtitles to be placed above subtitle background.

    • Changed SSA default font option to be a global option.

    • Changed playback screen menu.

    • Made slightly darker for 0 brightness level, but if your hardware supports it.

    • Made minimum seek speed lower.

    • Made the previous video button work smart; The previous video button either opens previous video or restarts current video from the beginning depending on playback position.

    • Made default H/W subtitle of some ROMs not to be displayed. This can be reverted by an option on settings screen.

    • Fixed file scanning bug.

    • Fixed playback stopping bug after completing video seeking on some devices.


    • Fixed network play error.


    • Added font folder selection menu on the settings window.

    • Added an option to ignore font specified on SSA script but use default font instead.

    • Added an option to disable folder/video editing menu.

    • Added SSA subtitle display size scaling option.

    • Improved S/W audio processing.

    • Improved slowing down problem when internal subtitle is used.

    • Fixed subtitle HTML color tag handling problem.

    • Fixed subtitle loading error related to internal subtitle.

    • Fixed backlight handling error when lock button is used.

    • Fixed ANR error when playback screen is closed while connecting to remote host.

    • Changed playback screen menu.


    • Added support for DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks. (But subtitle scrolling is fairly limited with embedded subtitles. Also Teletext subtitles are still not supported.)

    • Added support for full styling of SSA/ASS subtitles.

    • Added support for Ruby tag. (Only useful with East Asian texts)

    • Added option to select subtitle folder.

    • Added network subtitle file loading with http:// playback.

    • Added support for loading previous/next videos with http:// playback.

    • Added support for mms:// playback

    • Added support for playing Gmail attached video.

    • Added support for .m3u(8) playback.

    • Added option not to touch main button backlight to avoid Galaxy Ace/Geo's backlight error.

    • Added selection window between resume/start-over on playback startup.

    • Added option to keep screen on even after playback stopped.

    • Added option to change seeking speed by screen swiping.

    • Added keyboard shortcuts on options menu.

    • Added battery charging indicator.

    • Added battery/clock display option on tablet devices.

    • Added option to limit video zooming size on H/W decoded screen.

    • Added log sending function. (MX Log Collector is required.)

    • Added video zoom menu (Long click the video zoom button)

    • Added rotation lock menu (Lock click the lock button)

    • Added option to show current progress when locked screen is touched.

    • Improved network URL input window.

    • Changed video/audio synchronizing logic on S/W decoder.

    • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio of H/W decoded screen on Android 4.0 devices.

    • Fixed seldom losing internal states.

    • Fixed playback screen display error on some devices.

    • Fixed abnormal termination while loading video thumbnail.

    • Fixed .srt parsing error having display position.


    • Reduced main storage usage when installed on SD card.

    • Added option to select full screen view.

    • Changed user interface for Android 3.x and 4.0 devices. Menu become accessible on Galaxy Nexus.

    • Changed subtitle sync adjust time unit to 0.1 second.

    • Changed not to pause default music player when starting video playback.

    • Block home button when input is locked. (Also added "System tools" permission for this)

    • Turn off (or dim out) main button backlights while playing videos. (Froyo and higher)

    • Fixed sync problem after changing playback position on Android 4.0 and some other devices.

    • Fixed network play failing bug.

    • Improved SAMI subtitle parser.

    • Fixed ignoring bold style for custom subtitle font.


    • Added black theme for video list.

    • Changed video list interface slightly.

    • Changed to hide soft buttons on playback screen in Android 4.0.

    • Added option to play from beginning for network play.

    • Reduced storage space usage.

    • Fixed abnormal termination on Android 2.1.

    • Fixed overwriting existing file when files are renamed to the same name as existing files.

    • Fixed displaying menu outside the screen on Honeycomb 3.0 and 3.1.


    • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) support.

    • Added option to select S/W decoder separately for network play.

    • Added option to add 'Close' menu on video playback screen.

    • Improved thumbnail extracting algorithm.

    • Display more information on video property window.

    • Fixed some no response error when leaving playback screen.

    • Fixed screen turning off problem when looping playback.

    • Fixed some audio sync mismatch.

    • Fixed some playback issue of variable bitrate video.

    • Fixed rendering quality problem of Mpeg2 TS video.


    • Added option to select color depth of S/W decoded video.

    • Added option to remove video thumbnail.

    • Added option to remove 'new' tag.

    • Fixed playback position resume problem.

    • Keep video state even if storage were removed and mounted again.

    • Remove 'new' tag for finished videos.


    • Permissions added on v1.4 was removed.

    • Screen dragging can be selectively disabled.


    • Improved playback speed of Mjpeg video with S/W decoder.

    • Added Help and Version check menu.

    • Added thumbnail cache clear.

    • Added option to deinterlace by default.

    • Can open network stream URL directly.

    • Can disable playback position change by dragging screen.

    • Fixed S/W decoder color problem on some devices.

    • Fixed some audio playback problem.

    • Fixed opening MX Video Player when downloading files from web browser.


    • Improved streaming media playback.

    • Improved Bluetooth button handling.

    • Decoder can be switched even in the middle of loading.

    • Added 'Play from Beginning' option.

    • Keep screen on while loading.


    • Added 'Start/Pause Playback with Interface' tab action.

    • Fixed playback problem on some devices.

    • Fixed MPEG2-TS related bug.


    • Made Bluetooth play/pause button work on Honeycomb.

    • Fixed playback problem of some MPEG2-TS Video.

    • Fixed looking for incorrect Codecs on some devices.


    • Video playback screen is completely changed.

    • Support Honeycomb.

    • Audio track can be changed while using H/W decoder. (Some devices may not be able to change.)

    • Deinterlacing became possible for S/W decoding mode.

    • Multiple subtitles can be displayed simultaneously.

    • Video view can be resized using multi-touch. Besides, more zoom modes are added. (However, it may not work properly on some devices. Set resizing delay time if the screen severely flickers or freezes while resizing.)

    • Video file extension can be edited.

    • .nomedia file can be ignored.

    • Visibility of hidden files and folders can be selected.

    • Prev/Next/Backward/Forward buttons are added. (Backward/Forwad buttons are only appeared when turned on in Navigation setting.)

    • Forward/Backward can be used by keyboard or D-pad arrow keys.

    • Playback complete action became selectable. it plays next video by default.

    • 'Auto Rotation' now includes portrait orientation.

    • Subtitle drawing quality has been improved. Shadow effect can be turned off.

    • Bold subtitle text drawing became available for user's fonts.

    • On-screen brightness control (up/down on left half of screen) will be disabled if manual brightness control is turned off.

    • Improved playback for MPEG-TS.

    • Improved 5.1ch audio playback.

    • ARMv5 Codec has been added.

    • Fixed screen black-out problem.

    • Fixed lip-sync problem.

    • Fixed noise and low volume problems for some 5.1 channel audios.

    • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio display problem for some videos


    • Multi-core decoding is available. (some CODECs may not support.)

    • Two S/W decoding modes are available. For speed and quality modes.

    • Support streaming video on S/W decoding mode

    • Video navigation speed has been improved.

    • Playback has been improved for large video files over 2GB.

    • Audio playback no longer stutters.

    • Directories with .nomedia file will not be listed.

    • .OGG Video and .VOB playback has been improved.

    • The process of embedded subtitles for .MKV has been improved.

    • Some UI and icons have been improved.

    • Sound Volume and Brightness Bar are now positioned correctly on high resolution screen.

    • 180 degree rotation is now available for Gingerbread or higher.

    • User Fonts for subtitle became selectable. (As default, .TTF and .OTF files on /sdcard or /mnt/sdcard will be listed.)

    • Subtitle auto-loading can be turned off

    • Subtitle text border can be turned off.

    • Video loading screen is added.

    • More preference menus are added.


    • Video folder selection became available.