Translation project is opened at Anyone can start new translation or fix existing translation error.

Please check followings before you start translation.

1) Some characters should be encoded as follows:

    • & ---> &

    • < ---> &lt;

    • > ---> &gt;

2) Add \n to break to next line

ex) <string name="shutdown_unauthorized">App verification failed.\nshutting down.</string> will be displayed as:

"App verification failed.

shutting down."

(Add \n if you think breaking line clarify meaning. or remove it on your own decision.)

3) Text formatting character should be placed properly

Do not touch formatting characters such as %1$s %2$s %1$d, etc. It is placeholder for other texts.

4) Quantity Strings (Plurals)

Different languages have different rules for grammatical agreement with quantity. In English, for example, the quantity 1 is a special case. We write "1 book", but for any other quantity we'd write "n books". This distinction between singular and plural is very common, but other languages make finer distinctions. The full set supported by Android is zero, one, two, few, many, and other.

  • zero: When the language requires special treatment of the number 0 (as in Arabic).

  • one: When the language requires special treatment of numbers like one (as with the number 1 in English and most other languages; in Russian, any number ending in 1 but not ending in 11 is in this class).

  • two: When the language requires special treatment of numbers like two (as in Welsh).

  • few: When the language requires special treatment of "small" numbers (as with 2, 3, and 4 in Czech; or numbers ending 2, 3, or 4 but not 12, 13, or 14 in Polish).

  • many: When the language requires special treatment of "large" numbers (as with numbers ending 11-99 in Maltese).

  • other: When the language does not require special treatment of the given quantity.

ex) video_count_zero, video_count_one, video_count_two, video_count_few, video_count_many, video_count_other in string3-2.xml are used to express video_count for each plural forms.

For more detail, watch

Since Android devices have various screen resolutions from 240x320 to over 1920x1200, please make it as short as possible. And Please translate app name except "MX". for example, "MX Video Player" -> "MX Lecteur Vidéo" in French.

Texts will be frequently updated, so please check for updates constantly.

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Thanks for your support.